Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Today I got in my annual Christmas time hill workout. I ran up a 1/4 mile hill with 78 ft increase in elevation 6 times - its a long straight stretch up a big hill next to a dairy farm out in the country... a fun change of scenery. I should learn how to calculate grade, because it felt steep and I'm curious how it compares with the hills at home. I took yesterday off but got in a nice, hilly run on Wednesday.

One thing that is driving me crazy is that I forgot to bring a watch with me up to my parents house for the holidays. I can't remember the last time I ran without one - It's a strange feeling knowing I have no accurate time on any of my runs as I usually compare splits and how I do on these loops from year to year but now I can't. It was especially annoying when I ran what felt like fast on Wednesdsay, but have no way to know if it really was fast...

Now I have to go make some fresh pasta for my mom's annual Birthday Lasagna dinner. MMM mmmm mmmm.

Wednesdsay - 5.75 miles
Friday - 7 miles (2 mi warmup, 6x1/4 mi up hill, ran easy back down, 2 mile warmdown)