Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I took Sunday off, without really wanting to, because of the snowstorm. I actually headed out to catch the bus up to Prospect Park to meet the group for the regular Sunday run, but after waiting for 15 minutes on the cold, snowy sidewalk, I gave up and walked home. Its probably best, as I needed an off day, but it was really hard to miss out on such a beautiful snowy run. Monday I did an easy run with B, we just went slow for about 4 miles, again with some snowy sidewalks to get through.

Last night I got together with some PPTC runners for a tough fartlek workout. It was cold and I knew it would be a long run, so I took the train partway to GAP and then ran the rest. We did the same workout as last week, 6 sets of 3 min on / 1 off / 2 on / 1 off. It was hard, especially because of the cold, but I managed to get through it. The second half seemed to go pretty quickly, those short 1 min rests seem to make it go by fast because there isn't much time to think about the next interval before it starts. I was so cold, and we finished near the train station, so I took the train back home. I figure I got in a total of 8 miles for the night.

It'll be an easy day for me today, and then travel to the freezing Mid-West tomorrow for the holidays. We'll see how the running goes out there, in addition to the cold temps they are calling for a snow/ice storm tomorrow and Thursday, so I might be stuck on a treadmill for most of my running. Got to pack lots of layers...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long run + tempo

Today I got in my long run. I met the PPTC group at GAP and was surprised to see so many people, guess I wasn't the only one trying to get in a run in before the snow starts falling. A group of us went over the Brooklyn Bridge and then some cut back to Brooklyn at the Manhattan Bridge. A few of us wanted to make it a little longer and went up to the Williamsburg bridge instead. I was able to talk G into a tempo run so at around 7 miles into it, we picked up the pace. He really pushed me (or dragged me...) up the bridge and then up the long gradual hill back towards Prospect Park. I managed the 5 miles in 35:40, not bad in the middle of a 15 mile run. I felt like I was shuffling back home from GAP as I kept looking up the street for the bus that never seems to run when I want to take it, but checked my watch when I got home to see I still managed 8:15 pace. Guess that's what adding a tempo run in the middle of the long run is supposed to do, make my normal long run pace feel slow. Glad I got that one in, even though my hamstring is aching now. I'm hoping that its just the cold, my legs were freezing by the time I got home, and now that its almost 3 hours after I finished, I'm finally feeling warm again.

Distance: 15.6 Time 2:05:30

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter is here

Just got in from a nice cold run at about 25F. Did about 6.5 miles with 6x100m on the Red Hook track thrown in in the middle. I felt good, except for my lungs, had this I can't breathe wheezing for a bit when running near the BQE. I wonder if the cold weather makes the pollution worse somehow. Maybe with so little moisture in the air, it makes it harder for my body to compensate, who knows? Other than that, a very pleasant run.

Decided to skip the second workout for the week because of the weather forecast for the weekend. Looks like snow tomorrow afternoon / night will make running Sunday tough so I figured I should plan on getting my long run for the week in tomorrow morning... Even though that means limiting my beer drinking tonight, Oh the sacrifices I make for running!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Week Down

Last week was a busy week for me at work and the weather didn't really work in my favor, but I managed to get in some decent running. Here's a recap:

Wed - Off

Thurs - 7.75 mi / 68 min, really cold run in Albany with Team Utopia. Was going to attempt a track workout but because of the snow there I had no track and because I got up way too early to get to Albany, I figured a workout wasn't the best for my body in that cold cold weather.

Fri - Off

Sat - 8.5 miles with a 5K hard (20:20) in Prospect Park. I should have woken up early and gone up to the NYRR 4mi race in the park in the morning, but instead I slept in and had to do the hard effort on my own. That said, I was really happy with the pace, and was proud of myself for being able to push through to a relatively fast time while running by myself. I don't think I've raced a 5k that fast in a few years.

Sun - Off

Mon - 6 mi / 48 min, easy run on my own wandering through Red Hook, felt good even though I was holding a relatively fast pace

Tues - 9.5 mi total with 10k fartlek workout, alternating 3 and 2 min pickups with 1 min rest between in Prospect Park. This was a tough workout but again, I was able to really push myself and ended up running pretty fast. According to the Garmin, I was all over the place in terms of pace, ranging from 6:45 to 6:10 pace averages for the pickups. I think I always tell myself I don't like these types of workouts because they are hard, but then when I'm doing them, they definitely give me confidence in my running as I know I'm able to push myself... I really should do this type of thing more often.

Quite a few off days but I did manage to get in 2 solid workouts. I think that's pretty good for this time of year. Can't believe its the middle of Week 4 of this training plan already... The half marathon is only 5 weeks away.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tempo Run

I took it easy yesterday (5 miles including some strides) knowing today's workout would be tough. I met up with some PPTC runners who are all focusing on trying to get in some longer workouts this winter in prep for winter half marathons or spring marathons.. It was definitely nice to have the company. We did 4 miles in Prospect Park, with the first mile being downhill and the last back uphill. My splits were fairly consistent at 6:40, 6:52, 6:53, 6:56. I started out a little too fast but overall it felt pretty good, I was able to hold my pace on the last mile, even with the hill, so I'm pretty happy with the workout. With the warmup and warmdown, I got in 8.4 for the day.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Week 2

This week had a lot less running, but I still managed one workout and my long run. I did a lot of traveling, coming home from upstate on Sunday and then a trip down to North Carolina on Monday. Tuesday I got in a treadmill workout that I made up as I went along. Ended up doing two sets of 1 mile, 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile getting faster as it went on, for a total of about 6.5 miles. Due to lack of time to sleep and a sore lower back (probably from the treadmill run and being on my feet all day at work) I took Wednesday off. Did an easy run on Thursday, again on a treadmill, with some strides thrown in at the end. Friday I was back home and made it out for an easy 5 miler around Red Hook.

This morning I made it out for the Saturday PPTC group run. It worked out perfectly, I ran the 2 miles up to GAP and then did about 10 miles with the group at a nice pace, around 8:15/mile. I think we gradually picked up the pace as we went along, across the Brooklyn Bridge, around the Battery, and then back to Brooklyn. I knew I had to do my last 2 miles faster so I left the group in Carroll Gardens and did the last part by myself (also that way I got to avoid going back up the slope to GAP). I didn't really know how fast I was going, just that I was trying to hold a faster pace until my watch hit 14 miles and I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the Garmin and saw I'd held a 6:52 pace for the last 2.4 miles. These long runs with pickups added are a really challenge for me, but I know that when I can get them done like I did today, its also a big confidence booster. Definitely makes me look forward to the training week ahead!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 1 Done

This week went pretty well for me, given the holiday and the new training plan. Here's a recap:

Wed - off, long travel day
Thu - 8 min warm up
2.8 mile Turkey Trot in 19:24 (was a 5K but the course was off according to my Garmin and others got about the same)
2x800 w/ 3 min rest in 3:19, 3:22
3.5 mile cool down fast with cousins who really pushed me
Fri - 4.25 miles easy, 36 min
Sat - Long run, 13.14 miles in 1:44, felt great on a hilly, windy run
Sun - off, travel day home

I'm heading out of town again for work tomorrow morning. Since I'll be traveling with a group of coworkers, I know getting my running in is going to be hard. I'm hoping I'll be able to get in one of the workouts this week and then just trying to get enough sleep to get in a quality long run in on Saturday when I get home.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Training Plan Begins!

This week I'm starting a new training plan that I pulled off of the Runner's World website. I'm giving the advanced level a try and if it starts to seem like too much, I'm going to back down a level. So far, so good. Yesterday I did my first workout: 4xmile at half marathon goal pace w/ 400 jog recovery and then 6x200 a bit faster w/ 100 jog recover. Here's how it went down:
14 min warmup to the track in Red Hook
Mile Splits:
12 min warmdown home
Overall, it was a pretty good workout, nice and consistent, although I'm not sure that 7 min pace is really my goal half marathon pace. It felt strange to run on the track and go any slower, and I felt like I could hold it through the whole workout, so it just ended up being the pace for the day.

Today was my recovery day, I did an easy run, around in Red Hook again, for 5.2 miles / 44 min. My body felt OK, considering what I made it do yesterday, so its definitely a good solid start to the week. Next up is going to be a similar workout mixed in with a Turkey Trot on Thursday, should be lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tonight I went to the last of the fall PPTC speed workouts. We did short hills, one set of 10 that were maybe 100m long and then a set of 5 that were a little longer, maybe 150m. It was a fun workout, it felt good to run short intervals, I haven't done anything like that in a long long time. I ran home afterwards for a total of 7.4 miles for the night.

As I ease into my training plan for the half marathon, I'm also trying to get into the habit of doing some overall strength exercises. I've started doing abs/lunges/back exercises twice a week and then I did yoga for about half an hour this morning. I'm going to try and work that in twice a week too, to get more overall core strength and flexibility. I'm hoping that once I build it into my normal routine, it'll get easier to stick with it. Also hoping that since I'm writing about it here, I'll have more motivation to keep to the plan. We'll see how that goes...

And I can't forget to mention that on Sunday I ran in the NYRR Team Champ XC race. It was a really good time, lots of PPTC runners there, and we even placed! We got the second place women's team by just 1 second for the total time of our 5 runners. Pretty fun, made me glad I didn't let up that last stretch when I really wanted to or on the hills on the back loop. I ran OK, 21:31 for 10th in my age group and 2nd on my team. It was fun to run XC again, especially at Van Cortlandt Park!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in it...

This week was a good week for me. I was busy at work, but made time for running too. And I set a goal for this winter - I'm going to try for the NYC qualifying time at the Manhattan Half Marathon, assuming its in late January as its been for the past few years. I think coming up with a shortened (9 week) half-marathon training plan and setting a start date for that (one more week) really got me excited about my running. Hopefully that motivation will carry through throughout the plan.

I made it out 5 days this week, most of them easy 6-7 milers. Got in one workout, at the PPTC speed session on Tuesday night where we did 5x800 with 5 min rest. The rest was a little long, so I decided to try and push the intervals, which I did around 3:05 or so, finishing the last one in 2:55. It felt really good to go fast, which got me all the more excited for this training plan to start. Got in 9 this morning with the club to finish up a solid week.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Down Time

So I've been taking it easy. I've been having a rough time of "recovering" from my vacation with just 2 easy runs that had to be cut short this week. But today, I finally had a decent run. I was only going to do 40 minutes with B but I felt good, so I kept going for a full hour. Its beautiful weather here today (60 and sunny) which I'm sure helped keep me out there. Felt good to get a decent run in. It also made me a little more excited to get started with the half marathon training.

Distance: 7.85 mi
Time: 61 min

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What will I do?

Today I ran for the first time after a week break because I was away on vacation and didn't feel like running. One thing I did think about though were some goals for the next year. What I'd like to do is train for a half marathon in the spring, qualify for the NYC Marathon with that time and then run it in the fall. However, NYRR isn't going to make that easy this year.

You see, NYRR announced that registration for the marathon will open early this year, starting on Marathon Monday (this week). What they didn't state in their press release was that its also closing early this year, so if you want to get in with a qualifying time, you have to submit your time by early March. And that doesn't leave very much time to get a 12 week training plan in.

In addition to the shorted timeline for training and getting the race in, there's another problem. NYRR hasn't released their race schedule for anything past December. How can they say you have to get in a half marathon before March but then not tell you when their races before March will be. Also, if I need to get started with a new training plan, I need to know when that plan will end, so I make sure I get my timing right. NYRR sure isn't making this easy. I'm glad they'll be encouraging new runners, but I'm not sure this is the best way to do that. Guess its time for me to look for half marathons outside of what NYRR has to offer this winter in order to find something to base my training on, unless they come up with a schedule soon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a weekend with more cold and rainy weather. I got out to run both days though which is something, even though I ended up skipping the XC race at Van Cortland Park that I was thinking of going to.

Saturday - 12.4 miles - I made it to the PPTC weekly long run, it was a relatively big group and about 6 of us chose one of our regular routes, across the Brooklyn Bridge, around Battery Park and then back over the Brooklyn Bridge to home. It was a good run, I felt really strong towards the end, running back over to Brooklyn. Definitely happy I made it out.

Sunday - 5.4 miles - Did an "easy" run with B around the neighborhood. He hasn't been running much which suites me just fine as it means I'm usually forced to go easy when we run together, but yesterday he pushed the pace a bit and we ended up running at around 8:20 pace. Whoops. But it felt OK, and I'm taking today off to make up for it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold and Rainy

It was not the nicest weather when I went out for my run today: 40F, windy and rainy. But I went anyway, after going back up to the apartment for a rain jacket. Got in a comfortable hour at almost exactly 8 min/mile, supposed to be an easy day but I think the rain and wind had me going a little too fast in order to get home sooner. I ran up to Prospect Park and did a loop and then came home - for a little over 7 miles.

Took yesterday off as I was traveling for work. On Tuesday I made it out to the weekly PPTC speed workout where we did 4xmile. I felt surprisingly good considering the race on Sunday and then a long day traveling for work on Monday. My splits showed how I had no real idea how fast I should be running when I started, as they went from 6:35 at the beginning to 6:20 at the end. I felt nice and strong throughout the workout, with the last one being hard, but not impossible hard. Overall, I was really happy with the workout.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bed-Stuy 10K

I ran the Bed-Stuy 10K this morning, a nice small race by NYC standards with just a few hundred runners and walkers. It was so small that we got lost on the course and made about an 11K... They had a police escort for the leaders, but then there was a big gap between them and the second group of runners which I was following. We lost sight of the leaders about 2.5 miles in and then missed a turn and added about 1/2 a mile to the overall distance. After looping back in the general direction of the course, we finally ran into it and got back on track. I was running with a PPTC teammate in sight and knew that before we got off course we were the top two women, so when we started passing women when we got back on course, I started wondered if we'd be able to make up enough to get back into 1/2 positions. We did, fortunately I recognized the women we saw up front at the beginning and I just coasted through to the end. It was a fun race, regardless of the course confusion, I was just glad I was doing this one for fun and not trying to set a PR - There were a few guys who made the wrong turn that weren't too happy about it... and rightfully so.

It was nice to do something local, without the long commute that usually goes along with the big NYRR races. Also, its fun to be competitive in these smaller races, overall it was lots of fun and I'm definitely glad I did it.

Race: 6.7 mi / 45:42
Total: 10.85 mi / 83 min

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another good week for me this past week. Monday I got in an easy run, going over to Red Hook to the post office and around Ikea and then back home, nice and comfortable. Tuesday I made it to the PPTC Speed Session - it was Week #4 and my second one for the series. We did a tempo run in Prospect Park, 20 min wu / 20 min tempo right around 7 minute pace / 20 min wd. With my additional run to / from Bartel Pritchard Square where we meet up, it gave me just under 12 for the night. Was a fun run, nice to run with a group to get me through the tempo. I know I wouldn't have run nearly that fast if I had been doing that workout on my own. Took Wed/Thurs off and then went easy with B yesterday around our neighborhood.

This morning went for a short PPTC group run, lots of races coming up tomorrow so no one in the group I ran with wanted to go too far (there was a group heading out for 20 miles, wow, its hard to think about going that long when you aren't in the marathon mindset). Saw/smelled two unusual things today on my run. On the way up Union St to meet the group, I ran by one of the warehouses for the casket company and they had the door open, weird thing to look in there and see all those caskets standing around. Then when we went by the farmers market at the plaza outside the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn, ran by a few huge crates of basil they were unloading from a truck - it smelled amazing! It was fun to get out for an easy run with the group - was able to just enjoy the run rather than push to keep up and definitely helped get me excited for the 10K I'm running tomorrow in Bed-Stuy. Should be fun!

Good luck to all the marathoners this weekend! I know this is a big weekend outside of the City, with races in Albany, Hartford and Scranton as well as Chicago. Nothing like all those amazing marathon performances to motivate me to get through my easy base training weeks coming up!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another Easy Week...

This week turned into another easy week. I was excited to finally have a week at home, but then I got a pretty bad cold. I usually just run through colds, but this one really took a lot out of me and I didn't run at all after Sunday afternoon until Thursday when I finally started to feel normal again. Got in easy runs Thursday and Friday and then went for a long run with the group on Saturday morning. We did about 12 miles, from Grand Army Plaza over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, over to the west side and then down around Battery Park and back over the Brooklyn Bridge to home. I could definitely feel that I'm still recovering from Reach the Beach and being sick as after about an hour and a half I just felt exhausted.

I want to start getting in consistent 90 min to 2 hour long runs weekly or every other week and start testing out the idea of a spring marathon. This happens to me every marathon season I sit out, everyone's getting ready for their big race and I start getting the itch to start training for my next race. We'll see...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Easy Week

After the big race last weekend, I decided I deserved an easy week this past week. I was back in Manitoba for work and I only did 2 runs, about an hour each. One morning, I even had company, with a colleague from the Toronto area and one from the local area as well. It was really nice to have someone who knew the area lead us on our run, we did nice comfortable loop and it just flew by with the company.

Today I got out for an easy 50 minute run. These fake dog walkers are out in Carroll Gardens and they were really annoying, taking over the sidewalk with these leashes without dogs actually attached. It was a relief to see that they were just in my neighborhood so I promptly left and ran a loop through Gowanus and then Red Hook.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Won!

Had a great time at the Reach the Beach Relay up in NH this weekend! And my team, No Sleep Til Brooklyn, won - we were top overall womens team!! 207 miles in 26 hours and 38 minutes, averaging 8 minute pace, not too bad... Prize is pretty good too, we each got a new pair of running shoes!

My legs went pretty well too. Here's a recap:
Leg 1 - 8.9 miles, 68 min at about 2:30 pm Fri. - This leg was beautiful, bright and sunny running in the White Mountains. But, I just didn't feel it for some reason. It was pretty hilly and I just didn't have it on the uphills. My splits were all over the place and I never felt like I got into a good rhythm. I found myself wondering how would I ever make it through 3 more legs.
Leg 2 - 3.9 miles, 28 min at 10:30 pm Fri. - Felt much better. I'd done quite a few doubles leading up to this so I knew what to expect going into this second run. Felt nice and strong, kind of liked running in the dark, especially watching and catching the runners with their blinking red lights up ahead of me.
Leg 3 - 6.89 miles, 50 min at 8am Sat. - Again, felt good on this one. I didn't get any sleep, but somehow when the sun came up about an hour before I had to run, I got a second wind. It was refreshing and actually felt like a new day was starting, even though we'd run through the night. I passed a lot of runners again, and it motivated me to keep a strong pace.
Leg 4 - 3.4 miles, 23 min at 3:30 pm Sat. - I was flying! This one was great, nice and short and I just booked it. It was exciting knowing I was about to finish and that after one more runner ran, we'd be done! And, right before I started, I saw the team that had the next fastest womens seed and we were ahead of them! So I was psyched going into this one. I just went as fast as my tired legs would take me. I couldn't believe when I looked at my watch afterwards and saw I ran sub 7 min pace!

It was a great time, I'd definitely recommend this one if you have the chance.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Run before RTB!

We found out yesterday that due to an injury one of our Reach the Beach teammates has to drop out... So now its 11 women, 200 miles. I'm one of the lucky ones early in the rotation that now gets to do 4 legs instead of three. So I've got 8.9, 3.9, 6.9, 3.4 for a total of 23. At least the later runs went from hard to easy according to the leg descriptions.

I've been taking it easy this last week because of the race. Went to the first of the fall PPTC Speed Sessions last night, got to see some others that are doing the relay and we talked about it non-stop as we took it easy on the tempo-ish 2.5 miles coach had us do. Just got in my last run before the big race, an easy half hour down in Red Hook. My body isn't handling this taper well, I had lots of weird aches and pains but I stretched a bit once I was done and I know I'll be fine. The pre-race nerves are starting to kick in!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm taking it easy this week, with the Reach the Beach Relay coming up in just a few days! Got in a comfortable 4 mile tempo run 10 days out and so I'm feeling pretty confident. Got together with about half of our relay team for an easy loop of Prospect Park and then for coffee afterwards to go over last minute plans...

I can't believe its already race week - It seems like it came up so fast, all of the traveling I've been doing this summer really made the time just fly by. Fortunately, I'm back home all this week so I can get lots of rest in before heading up to New Hampshire on Thursday afternoon. I went through the predicted start times to see I have it relatively easy compared to some others in the rotation - I'm second, so I run at around 3 and 11 on Friday and then at around 10:30 on Saturday morning. But I probably make up for the timing with the mileage - 8, 9 and then 4 - all pretty hilly according to the course descriptions. It's definitely going to be a challenge, let's hope I'm ready for it!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labour Day

I'm still in Canada - so its Labour day for me this year. Got in a nice run this morning, about 5.75 miles, it was warmer than it has been, around 15C when I went out, but it was also pretty windy so it didn't feel nearly as warm as I'd expected. I actually ran into some coworkers that also go for a morning jog, it was dark and it took until I was right up next to them to realize it was them, I'm not sure if they knew it was me... I had my sweet new headlamp on, I wonder what I look like in the dark when I have that on. Also, it felt really strange to run by people I know, being up here.

Yesterday, I did a nice 9.5 mile loop which literally went around the whole town. I felt surprisingly good going longer in the early morning which was encouraging. That was my last longish run before the relay next week (I can't believe its next week already!). And the taper begins...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Its really flat here...

I'm in Brandon Manitoba for work again but this trip I'm doing much better with my running, so far. I made it out yesterday morning for just over 6 miles, early before the sun came up. Got to see a really neat full moon, bright orange and huge on the horizon, and got to test out my new headlamp that I got for Reach the Beach. The headlamp made the run much easier. Its really dark here when not on the main roads with streetlights. Also, I was able to see more jack rabbits than I would have otherwise... (They are huge!)

I didn't make it out this morning, the extra hour of sleep won out, but this evening after work I got out for a relaxed 5 miler. I felt OK, although I can definitely feel that I don't drink enough water when I'm away from home and that I've been working long days... At least I got it in. And the taper begins, just 2 more weeks until Reach the Beach!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week Recap

This was another busy week for me and my running definitely suffered. I traveled Sunday, and because of a flight cancellation, didn't make it to my destination until 2am. With work in the morning, I missed Monday's run too as I was not about to get up early after such a late night. Managed to get in 6 miles on Tuesday morning at a pretty fast pace for such an early morning (just under 8min/mi) and then slower 6 on Wednesday morning. It was so nice to run in the 50 degree temps, even if it was really early and dark for those runs. Took Thursday and Friday off because the long hours at work were taking a toll and I wanted to get some sleep.

Got in about 5.5 miles just now, felt good to be home but the humid warm weather was definitely a shock to my body after the week of cool temps. Back to the cool weather mid week next week though, so I have to just suck it up through this weekend, and get some running in in a setting where I can also get some sleep and don't have to work 10+ hours a day...

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Moved!

I didn't get much running in this past week. I had a good weekend last weekend, made it out for an early run with PPTC on Saturday morning - we went from Prospect Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge and then ran up a car-free Park Ave to 72nd St. for a lower loop of Central Park before catching the train home. It was a lot of fun and I was glad I made it out. Spent the rest of Saturday packing up the apartment, went for a short easy run Sunday morning and then started moving. Luckily we hired movers, so there wasn't much heavy lifting, just up and down the stairs with our fragile stuff. So we finished up the move Monday and I feel like we've been unpacking ever since.

I made it to my last PPTC speed workout for the summer (only my 3rd, of 10, I'll have to make it to more next time...) on Tuesday. We did 7x400 and I felt great even though it was muggy and 90 degrees. Took the next 2 days off (one day in Albany, last night was filled with putting together Ikea furniture) but made it out tonight for an easy 48 minutes.

I'm planning on getting some miles in this weekend before I head up to Manitoba for 2 weeks on Sunday. At least I'm guaranteed great running weather when I'm up there - lows around 45 each morning and 70 in the afternoon. I might have to bust out my long sleeved running shirts if I make it out for runs before work!

Friday, August 14, 2009

This week I got some decent running in. After a really long day on Tuesday at work, I got out for a run with my Team Utopia friends up in Albany before heading back to the city. The workout of 10x2 min at 5K pace flew by as I caught up with everyone. Wednesday I got in an easy 70 minutes around the cemetery and around the park - I felt much better than I thought I would and just focused on staying relaxed throughout the run. I took yesterday off and then did another easy run today, this one just 40 minutes. Just trying to stick with one workout a week and then some easy miles is working out well for me... I'm excited to check out the Summer Streets in Manhattan on my run tomorrow!

Monday, August 10, 2009

After a busy week away for work with only one day of running (in Manitoba - it was 45 degrees, beautiful!), I got quite a lot of running in over the weekend. On Saturday, I ran in the NYRR Team Champs race. After the alarm went off Saturday morning, I said to myself that I'd just skip it, but then lying there, I felt too guilty about it being a team race, so I finally got myself up and out of the apartment. I felt OK on my warmup but the first mile felt awful. Finally hit my stride in the second mile and ran pretty even splits for a 35:00 - right on 7 min pace for the 5 miles, not bad for the week I had. I'm glad I decided to get up and go...

Sunday I tried another double. Got in about 8.4 in the morning and then 6.2 in the afternoon. I met up with a few of the other girls on our Reach the Beach Relay team. It helped a lot to have them to run with, I doubt I would have found the motivation for the double on my own.

Today was another off day since I had a busy work day... Hopefully tomorrow on my trip out of town, I'll bring along running stuff and get a lunch run in. I've gotta get more consistent during the week, no matter what work throws at me.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

R2C Relay

Yesterday I ran across New Jersey. Really. I was on a team for the River to Sea Relay - 7 of us ran across New Jersey from the Delaware River to the Atlantic ocean, Milford to Manesquan. It was quite the adventure... I ended up joining the team a few weeks ago because they needed an extra runner and I'm really glad that I did.

My 2 legs were numbers 6 and 12 so I had a long time to wait around and help support my teammates before hand, directing them and handing out water. When I finally ran, I did my first leg of 8.05 miles in right around 58 minutes, which I was really happy with given the hot conditions. Then I immediately ate some food and fell asleep for a few minutes in the car while others were cheering on the team. A few hours later, I was running again, this time for 6.55 miles in about 48 minutes, not bad considering how tired I felt at the start of this leg.

It was a pretty fun event, very well organized. Since it was a relay, directions and signs were really important and they did a good job so both the drivers supporting and the runners knew where to go. If you can get a team together, this race is definitely worth a try - way less commitment than the longer relays out there because at 92 miles its only half the distance, but it was still challenging because with teams of 7 runners, you didn't get as long as a rest between legs.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mile Repeats

Its been a long time since I've done a mile repeat workout, but today, to avoid falling too far behind my PPTC teammates, I did one. I did 4xmile at approximately 5k pace on a rec trail here in Wisconsin, using the Garmin to mark the miles. My splits were 6:47, 6:38, 6:39, 6:40 - not bad for doing it on my own and not being on a track. I'm pretty happy with it, it gives me confidence for the relay this weekend!

Distance: 8.6 miles
Time: 71 min


So today I missed the PPTC speed series workout because I'm still out of town but I got the email saying it was 4xmile. I'm guessing a few of you who are reading this were there - does anyone know how fast the miles were supposed to be? 5k pace?? I'm going to attempt it tomorrow on my own so any insight would be very useful... Thanks!

So far I've made 2 out of the 6 workouts, given my upcoming travel plans, I'll be lucky if I make 4 out of the 10 sessions. Maybe I'll have better luck in the fall.

Today I went for an easy run - 40 minutes of comfortable running. My legs felt pretty bad from the longish run I did on Sunday, my guess is I'm not recovering too well as I've been away from home, unfamiliar sleeping and eating as well as lots of family activities don't make for fast recovery. It'll definitely be nice to get home tomorrow.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vacation Running

I'm on vacation, visiting with family in Wisconsin, but I'm managing to get some easy runs in. Yesterday B and I went for a slow 40 min run - beautiful weather here, nice and sunny but not too warm with a cool breeze.

Just got back from my run this morning, where I went a little further, for about 80 minutes of easy running. I found my way to the Heckrodt Wetland Reserve and ran in there for a while - Pretty soon after I got onto the trails, I saw another runner so I figured it couldn't be a bad place to run. I ended up looping around there for about half an hour, seeing no one else there rest of the time. Really peaceful run, definitely glad I made it out today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yesterday I got 2 runs in again. After an easy run where I felt pretty terrible on Monday, it was a relief to feel so good yesterday. I got in an easy 3.5 during lunch and then made it to the PPTC speed session in the evening. We did a warmup and then about 2 miles where we gradually increased the pace - it was a struggle to keep up, but I managed OK and was happy with how it went.

Today was a recovery day. I did one of my usual Red Hook runs, running down on the Van Brunt Promenade and then making my way back up to Park Slope on Carroll Street. It was hot, but I carried water which made it do-able. People driving cars seemed to be especially careless today, which was frustrating - there were 3 or 4 times where people playing with cell phones weren't looking at all and rolled through cross-walks right in front of me. I guess its to be expected, but I still didn't like it.

Tuesday - 9 miles total (3.5 am, 5.5 pm)
Wednesday - 6.5 miles

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long day...

Today was my long run day. Instead of going long all in one run, I split it up into two in order to see what it would feel like in preparation of my upcoming relays. Fortunately I had company on both runs so it made it much easier to commit to getting out twice. In the morning I met a small group of PPTC'ers at Grand Army Plaza. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and then back to Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge - one of our regular loops. As always, it turned out to be a nice run, hardly any traffic on the bridges with the 7am start. It was humid, but there was a nice breeze the whole time which kept it bearable.

After spending the day apartment hunting, I made it out for my second run for the day. I met up with a friend and we did a loop and a half around Prospect Park. There was some kind of festival going on near the Bandshell and the rest of the park was pretty busy too... lots to look at as we went by. Surprisingly, besides my feet being sore, I felt relatively good on this second run. I just felt really warmed up right away and not too tired. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight though.

Total distance: 10.5 AM, 7.5 PM = 18 for the day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Still Running...

I've been taking it easy the past month or so, and obviously the blogging has suffered too. I spent 3 weeks working up in Hobart NY running at 5am in hilly Oneonta. Beautiful runs, with the fog in the morning, it was like running in the clouds at times, but at 6 when I got back to my hotel room, I just didn't have the motivation to sit down and write about it.

I've been keeping the mileage pretty consistent, 25-30 miles a week. Now I'm home (at least for a few weeks) and I'm getting back into it. I signed up for the coached PPTC speed sessions (missed the first 3) and made it to my first one this week. I've got to say, there's nothing like a coach emailing me training plans and then cheering me on through a track workout to get me motivated... I am finding that switching programs and working with someone new is a little challenging (apparently I'm set in my ways...) but I'm going to give it a try since I know it'll get me excited about my running again, if nothing else.

I'm debating a fall marathon, but leaning towards not doing one. We'll see if I change my mind as I start ramping up the training for the Reach the Beach Relay in September... I also just joined a team for the River to Sea Relay, a shorter relay across New Jersey (7 person teams, 2 legs each) coming up August 1, and I'm really excited for it! I'm curious to see how my body reacts to running twice in a race. It's been a long time since those mile / 5k doubles in college...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy Run

I did an easy run in the park today and actually enjoyed the rainy weather. I spent a very long day in Albany yesterday so my easy recovery day from this week's workout had to wait until today. And then I had another busy workday today so I couldn't get out for my usual lunch time run. By the time I made it out around 6:30, my body felt pretty stiff... All that work just isn't good for me. Once I got going though, I felt great... Nice and strong. I did some drills and strides during the run to make sure I was good and loose by the end. A nice pre-race easy run on the course for the Brooklyn Half Marathon this weekend... I'm getting excited for the race! Now I just have to decide on a goal pace - still have no idea what I'll end up running.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


That was a tough one. 30 seconds is not enough rest for 400s at mile pace. My max heart rate during the workout was around 185 and for the last few, I only got to 172 or so for the "recovery" part. Splits were:
During the run, I tried not to think about how next week I have to do 4 more. I don't know how I'll do that...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Today I got in a quick easy run of just under 7 miles. I did an outside loop of Prospect Park and then went in for a short loop to make the run a little longer. The park was the busiest I've seen it - so many people out enjoying the holiday. It was entertaining but also a little frustrating trying to avoid all of the people on the sidewalks.

I took yesterday off for no real reason, other than a late lunch and laziness. Saturday, I got in a fast-ish long run with PPTC - we did the normal bridge to bridge run, going into Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge and then back home on the Manhattan bridge. I did a total of around 11 miles with my run to meet the group. It was the first long run were I actually felt good since Boston, so that's getting me more optimistic about the half marathon next weekend. I still have no idea what kind of pace I'll try for, but now I'm at least a little more confident that I can pull off a decent time.

Distance: 6.8 miles
Time: 55 min

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

400's Again

Today was 400 day. I did 12x400 with 1 min rest between, definitely a bit harder from last week's 8x400 w/ 90 sec rest... I made it through all 12, but a little slower overall than last week. I decided to use the mile markers in the park again because it's way easier for me mentally than going to the track. Here are my splits:
You can almost see the elevation changes in the park based on these - I started where the mile markers start, at the bottom of the big hill and so I hit the downhill at around 1.5 miles in. Those first two took a lot out of me, my quads felt tired in the next few but once I got the downhill I was able to recover normally again.

That was a tough one. Hopefully doing these in the park will make the first half of the Brooklyn Half next weekend that much easier for me as I'll know exactly what it feels like to run up that hill tired. Also, half marathon pace should feel slow after all this fast running.

Distance: 7.8
Time: 65

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fast Long Run

Today was a nice long run with the group. We met at Grand Army Plaza and did a loop over the Brooklyn Bridge and then back on the Manhattan Bridge. It was a fast group today, and it felt like they got faster and faster as the run went on. It was all I could do to keep up with them over the bridges and when we started heading home back in Brooklyn, I lost them going up the slope. I had enough left though to add on a little and make it a full 2 hours, a good long run 2 weeks out from the Brooklyn Half.

Distance: 15 mi
Time: 2 hrs

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly 400s

Today I did the workout I should have done last week, 8x400 at mile pace starting every 3 min (not 3 min rest). I figured that instead of trying to catch up and shorten the rest even further and add 4, I'd just redo last weeks run and then be a week behind.

Decided to do it in Prospect Park rather than run down to the track as it looked like it might rain and I knew I'd have a lot of work to do this afternoon so shorter was better. The park also seemed much less daunting than the track for some reason. Given how hard the workout was last week, with twice the rest, I figured the less intimidating option would be best. Turns out it was - I felt great - Splits were good, all 86-88 again with the 86s on the downhill ones and the last one. Running it in the park made them feel like they went by faster, changing scenery made a big difference. Next week, 12x400 starting every 2:30... I'll try not to think about it until then.

Distance: 6.6 mi
Time: 55 min

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cinco De Mayo5K

This past weekend I ran the Cinco De Mayo 5K in Prospect Park. I found out about this one a few days before and decided to run it just to see what kind of shape I'm in after Boston a few weeks ago. I felt great and it was a fun time, even though the race got off to a slow start. A few minutes before the scheduled 11am start, it was announced that due to other events in the park, we'd have to wait until 11:30 before the race could begin. Once we got going though, it went really well. There were no mile markers set up for the race, but using the markers on the road, I think I ran relatively even splits to finish in 20:31, good enough for 2nd place in the pretty small women's field. PPTC women got 3 of the top 4 which earned us the first place women's team title too! I'm glad I gave this one a try - it's getting me excited to see what I can do and also what the team can do at the Brooklyn Half Marathon coming up in a few weeks. It's really motivating running on a team with such fast women!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


So I'm not really training for anything right now and its strange. I know its only a few weeks after Boston, but I'm feeling funny about it. Like I'm lost with no direction. So instead of letting it get to me by just running easy miles like I have been for the last few weeks, I decided I might as well give the old Team Utopia 400 progression workouts a try since they were on the calendar. Its basically a series of 400 repeat workouts where the number increases and the rest decreases for about 8 weeks. Sound fun?

Today I did the first set. It was 8x400 with 3 min rest. I did it down at the Red Hook track - after running at the always crowded track at McCarren Park for so many years, it still amazes me that I can go down to Red Hook and have the track to myself. Splits were good, nice and even - all 88-90 except the last one which I did in 83. For the first set, it went OK. Next week is 12 so it'll definitely push me to do 4 more... I certainly couldn't have done 4 more today.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Desert? Nope, Pine Bush Preserve

Today I'm in Albany for work. I couldn't resist going for a run in the Pine Bush Preserve after a long day... This is how I remembered it from all of the running I've done there over the years I lived in Albany:

It's definitely one of my favorite places to run, ever. The trails are so soft and quiet and peaceful and I'm reminded of the great runs I've had there and all the friends I've made while getting lost in the woods.

At least that's how I felt when I started the run. But then I came upon this:

I'd heard that the clearing was going on, but it's pretty hard to imagine the extent of it without seeing it. For a place that is a "Preserve", protected by an organization with the goal of maintaining a unique environment that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world, I'm not sure how clearing huge areas really fits in with that... I'd heard that there was some invasive tree species that had spread into the area but again, it's hard to believe that clearing everything out of such big areas is really necessary.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, I finished...

So I ran the Boston Marathon yesterday... I knew at about 10 miles that it just wasn't my day. My legs weren't reacting well to the downhills and my goal changed from getting a PR to finishing the race. I ended up slowing way down but getting through it in just under 3:43.

That course is tough... I actually found myself looking forward to the Newton hills once they got started because going up felt so much better than going down by that point. I dreaded getting to the top and having to go down again. But I finished. So I did it. That's something.

Tonight, as I half walked/ half limped to a local restaurant for dinner, I told B that I guess this meant I'd have to pick a fall marathon so I can re-qualify for Boston next year and prove that I can have a decent race on that course... We'll see... Fortunately I have some time to think about that.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is it!

Just did my last run before Boston, an easy 3 miler in the park, early in the morning. I'm taking the bus up to Boston this morning - figured earlier was better so we can be sure to get to the expo with plenty of time. I'm pretty excited. I feel ready to go...

I have high hopes for this marathon. I put in the highest mileage I've ever done and I'm hoping for a big PR. It's also my first Boston. I remember back in middle school when my dad was into running and he did the NYC marathon. I wanted to do it too, and I made up my life marathon plan. The idea was that I'd do NY as my first one, just to enjoy it, and then run my second marathon fast, to qualify for Boston. #3 would be Boston and then I wouldn't have to run a marathon ever again.... We'll see if I stick to it - I really like the marathon now that I've tried it (we'll see if I say that after tomorrow) so I can't imagine this will be the last one, but it will be special as it's something I've thought about doing for such a long time. Time to go catch the bus. I can't wait to cross that starting line tomorrow morning!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Race Pace

I did the final "workout" of my training plan today - it called for a 7 mile run with 2.5 miles at marathon pace, designed to make you confident with the pacing for the big race. It worked - I ran right at 7:30 pace and felt great! I'm so ready. Now I just have to eat some pasta and take it easy the next few days...

Distance: 7 mi
Time: 57 min

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Last Workout!

Today was my last real workout before the big day. B joined me which was nice after a whole winter of no workout running partners! We did 3xmile in Prospect Park at a little faster than 10k pace... Splits were 6:36, 6:49 (up the hill), 6:36. It was a beautiful day for a workout and I couldn't stop smiling while running the last one... It felt so good to know I was going that fast but felt so relaxed at the same time. I think I might be ready! Only 11 more days until my first sub 3:20 marathon!

Distance: 6.5 miles
Time: 51 min

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


As indicated by the less frequent posts, it's not as fun to write about my running when it's not going exceptionally well. The knee is feeling better, still not all better, but getting there. The taper has begun, and I have to say I don't really like it. The last few days have been all easy runs and a long run on Monday. Tomorrow I do my last real workout (3xmile) before the marathon. These last few weeks always seem to be the hardest for me... Once I get used to the miles, I love doing them - I love how it feels to get through the hard workouts and when they are cut out of the training, it's hard to stay motivated, even though the hardest run yet is coming up fast...

Partly in hopes of keeping me excited about running these last few weeks, I broke down and got myself a Garmin 305 last weekend. I figured it's an early birthday / making it through Boston training present. I haven't figured out how to use many of the features but I can take it out for a run and have it tell me exactly where I went and see a graph of heart rate vs elevation on the run... I don't know if its really useful information, but it's fun to look at.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pain free knee!

I did my first workout since my knee started bothering me today and it went really well! I did a long warmup and stretched really well - I think that made all the difference because my knee didn't bother me at all during the 5 mile tempo run. I ended up going pretty fast, my splits were:
7:05 (uphill)
It was super windy out there today so it was good to be able to run that fast with the hills and the wind. I was pretty excited that my knee felt good with Boston coming up so fast.

I bought my bus ticket today - now all I need to do is figure out where to eat the night before and all the plans will be made. I had a bad dream last night about Boston - I got to the starting line late and I'd forgotten to bring gloves and gels and I just felt totally unprepared and stressed out. Good thing that won't actually happen...

Distance: 8.7 mi
Time: 64 min

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking it easy

I've been taking it easy in hopes that it will help my knee get better and it seems to be working. I took Friday and Saturday off and then did 5 miles easy on Sunday. It went OK but by the end of the run, my knee was getting sore and then I could feel it for the rest of the night. I took Monday off and then today tried another easy 5 miles. It's definitely feeling better than on Sunday but still tightened up after I got to the top of the hill in Prospect Park - I'm not sure if it was the switch from uphill to flat/downhill or what that did it, but I stopped and stretched and it felt much better. I did some drills in hopes that they would help stretch it out some more and it feels totally fine now. I'm feeling optimistic, but I'm still going to pay extra attention to it over the next few days in hopes of a complete recovery... I'm still a little worried given that hills seem to bother it and there are plenty of hills in Boston. Hopefully I'll kick this thing before I get to the starting line.

Distance: 5.6mi
Time: 46 min

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I got my race packet for Boston yesterday. After a long day on the road for work (to Chicago and back in one day), it was nice to come home to the surprise! A friend of mine had pointed out that my number/wave were online a few days ago, but it's still nice to have gotten the packet.

My knee, however, is getting frustrating. It was really sore yesterday, especially after each time I got off of the plane. So, I decided to play it safe and not go to the PPTC run this morning - I knew that if I went, I'd want to do the whole thing and I'd ignore my knee... so instead I'll see how it feels later today (it feels much better this morning! but it did feel fine yesterday morning too...) and maybe go for a short run to stretch things out this afternoon. I was reminded that it's more important to make it to the starting line healthy than run any specific workouts, so I'll keep telling myself that over the next few days.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Since I have to be out of town for work tomorrow, I did my strides day today. Because the weather wasnt great (cool and misty) I decided to stay close to home so I did a loop and a little bit more of Prospect Park. I did 12 30 second-ish strides and easy in between.

Most of me felt good, but I'm getting worried about my left knee. It was sore last night, nothing specific, just felt a little swollen under my kneecap. It felt the same this morning but the achy feeling got worse throughout my run today. I tried going on the soft trail on the inside of the road but that just seemed to make it worse. I'm icing right now and hoping for the best. Tomorrow will be an off day and then I'll have to make the call on Saturday morning for whether or not I'll do my scheduled 20 miler. Luckily, I've gotten in 3 20+ runs so far so if I had to cut this last one short, I don't think it'll affect me much. Hopefully it won't come to that though...

Distance: 6 mi
Time: 48 min

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Medium Long Day

I've been really busy, with B's mom in town for a long weekend so it's nice to get back to normal today. I'm pretty exhausted - with running this much, I find I need 9 or 10 hours of sleep to feel normal and since I haven't gotten that much sleep in a few days, I can really feel it. I got an email today from BAA reminding me that the marathon is in 26.2 days... as if I might forget. It'll feel good to get that last long run out of the way this weekend - it's coming up fast.

Today's run was really nice - I ran down to the Red Hook track. For the first time there were lots of people down there - playing soccer, baseball and even running. I think because I got there around 2:30, it must have been school kids mostly but it was nice as it gave me something to look at when I was doing my few laps to get in a little more distance. Then I ran along Van Brunt to Columbia to Congress and cut over to the Brooklyn Bridge. I went across it and then headed back home.

Distance: 12.6 miles
Time: 1:41:40

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Colon Cancer Challenge

This morning I ran my second and last tune-up race before Boston. It went really well so I'm pretty excited - I feel much better than after the half marathon a couple of weeks ago. I even 3rd my age group! That doesn't happen very often in the NYRR races for me. Once I got going and the crowds thinned out, my splits were pretty even with the last 6 miles from 6:45 to 6:55. I liked the course, especially because it didn't include the big hills in the top of the park.

Distance: 10.5 mi
Time: 1:14

Friday, March 20, 2009

Medium Long Run

I hope I don't regret this, but I just did my medium long run for the week of 13 miles. I was originally planning on doing this run yesterday, but with the rainy weather and my parents stopping by for lunch, I didn't make it out yesterday. Hopefully it doesn't affect my upcoming 15K race on Sunday. I'll be running it hard, with hopes of getting in a fast time to boost my confidence as it'll be my last tune-up race before the marathon.

My run today was nice, despite the snow this morning. It was cool and overcast, not bad for a longish run. I ran down to Red Hook, around by the track a bit, and then out Van Brunt St to Congress, worked my way back over the Union and then did a loop around the outside of Prospect Park. I like this route because once I get across Hamilton Ave, there isn't much traffic to deal with for most of the rest of the run. Also, the views of Manhattan are pretty nice from down by the water. I especially like the little section of the Van Brunt Promenade behind Fairway with the old subway? (or trolley?) cars. Creepy, but neat.

Distance: 13.1 miles
Time: 1:44:30

Monday, March 16, 2009

Track Workout

I cannot remember the last time I did intervals on a track. Since I have Prospect Park nearby with mile markers every 1/4 mile, I just haven't needed to. But today I went down to the track in Red Hook and did 5x1000m at 5K pace. It was pretty fun to get out and do the workout, especially with the nice weather. My splits were about as even as they could get:


I felt pretty good the whole run - Nice to bounce back from last week's frustration and my long run on Saturday with a good, strong workout. I added on some extra miles in my cooldown by going out to Van Brunt and then back up to Park Slope on 3rd Street.

Distance: 9.45 miles
Time: 79 min

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Long Run

I got in my 3rd long run today - I did right around 22 miles total. I did a nice loop from GAP, across the Brooklyn Bridge, up to the Williamsburg bridge, and then back to GAP through Bed-Stuy with some PPTC-ers. Then to get my miles in, I added a loop around Green-Wood cemetery and a loop around the outside of Prospect Park. It was a beautiful day for a run, nice and cool and sunny. My legs didn't feel great for the second half, but I got the run in and now I know I can keep going, even when my legs are tired. It was nice to have a run go my way - it's been a frustrating week, but I'm glad I got a nice long run in. Boston, here I come.

Distance: 22 miles
Time: 3:03:33

Friday, March 13, 2009

Easy Run

Today I did an easy run. It was the first run all week where I didn't feel like my legs were made of lead, so that's encouraging. B and I ran out 3rd Ave into Sunset Park and then back home on 4th Ave. While it wasn't the most beautiful of runs, it was nice to try a new route...

Distance: 5.4 mi
Time: 46 min

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with my training plan this week. It calls for a tune-up race which I did on Sunday, a 15 mile long run, a 13 mile medium long run and a speed day (strides). Next week calls for a 20 mile long run, so that's slated for Saturday. All this means that I have 5 days left to do 3 workouts and recover from the race. I was going to try to do the 15 today but my legs felt terrible and I was getting really frustrated that I was running slow but it felt hard, so I only did about 11. So now there's no way I'm getting all that running in this week. I think it probably makes sense to just get in what I can while recovering enough so I feel back to normal for the long run on the weekend. We'll see how it goes...

Distance: 11.25 miles
Time: 94 min

Monday, March 09, 2009

Easy Run

Surprisingly, I felt good on my easy run today. I ran up to GAP and did a loop around the park for about 6 miles. I was expecting my legs to feel awful given how they felt at the end of the race yesterday, but they felt fine. I wonder if it's the mileage more than the hills that made me feel so terrible yesterday. I felt pretty good during the race until the hill during the 9th mile. Once I got up that, I just had nothing left. But today I feel fine... Maybe not enough energy stores built up from last weekend's long run? I know at first, when I was building up my long runs each week (before they got super long) I'd feel good every other week and then terrible the weeks in between... Maybe it's the same thing happening again and I'm only noticing it because it was a longer race. I just wish it hadn't happened on a day when I was so excited to run fast and get a good time in. Hopefully the 15K in Central Park in 2 weeks will go better.

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 50 min.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Celebrate Life Half Marathon

Today I ran the Celebrate Life Half Marathon in Rock Hill, NY. For a small race, only about 500 people - about 200 more than they had last year, they did a great job putting it on. They had volunteers at every intersection in addition to a very well marked course. There was plenty of water and gatorade along the way and they handed out gels about half way through. They even had door prizes (randomly drawn) and a bottle of wine, socks or hats, and medals for the top three in each age group! Lucky for me, my age group also had the 2nd and 3rd place overall women so I got bumped up to 2nd and got in on the awards!

However, the course was really hard. It was probably one of the hilliest races I've ever done. It started out with a long uphill at around half a mile and I don't think there was a flat part the whole way. Needless to say, my time wasn't great but I enjoyed the scenery. I'd definitely recommend this one if you are looking for a hilly spring half marathon next year.

Distance: 14 miles
Time: 1 hr, 48 min

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Easy Run

Today, B and I went for an easy run in preparation for the race tomorrow. We did a loop around the outside of Prospect Park and the botanical gardens. My legs felt really tired and heavy - I think it's just because I did the speed day and then took a day off. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Distance: 4.8 mi
Time: 42 min

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Today was a speed day! The workout was supposed to be 12x100 but since the Red Hook track was covered with snow, B and I did figure 8's around the track and the baseball field next to the track instead, running every other straightaway fast. It felt good to go fast when we were doing it, but my legs were pretty tired on the run home.

Distance: 7.8 miles
Time: 68 min

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

PPTC Group Run

Tonight I went for a run with PPTC. I did about 3 miles beforehand and then met up with the group for a loop around Prospect Park. We've got a team for the Reach the Beach Relay this fall and after the run we met to discuss the plans. It's pretty exciting - I haven't done such a long relay before - it looks like it'll be quite the adventure. Guess I'll have something to train for after Boston.

Distance: 8 miles
Time: about 1 hour

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Park Run

Today I went for my medium long run for the week. Because of the snow yesterday, I figured it was safest to stick to the park so I did 3 loops. There were some icy sections on the far side of the park, but other than that, the footing wasn't too bad. It wasn't the most exciting run (fortunately I brought some podcasts along) but I felt good, despite the cold weather. Hopefully this will be my last run in windchills in the single digits for the year.

It looks like a movie is being filmed in the park, so there was more traffic than usual on the part of the road that runs parallel to Prospect Park West. The one good thing about it is that they plowed the entrance at Bartel Pritchard Square so they could park a bunch of trucks there. Generally after a snow fall its really icy and I end up sliding my way through to get to the main road but not today.

Distance: 11 mi
Time: 90 min

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Recovery Run, hopefully

My legs are tired! I did an easy 6 miles in the park today. I definitely had a lack of motivation to get out the door and then a hard time getting up the hill in the park. Hopefully it'll make the recovery from yesterday's long run that much faster. Also, I'll probably take tomorrow off since we are supposed to get 8-10 inches of snow overnight. I thought March was the beginning of spring...

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 51 min

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Long Run

I did about 23 miles today with PPTC. It went pretty well - We did a few loops from Grand Army Plaza so people going different distances could do more with the group. We did a loop from GAP to the Brooklyn Bridge to the Manhattan Bridge and then back to GAP (around 10.5 miles). To add on, we then did a loop around Green-Wood cemetery and then a loop around the park. It was a hilly run which I guess is what I need to do to prepare for the hills at Boston. I was a little worried when we got to GAP the first time and I realized that we were only half way done, but the second half went well once I got into it. I even finished up with a loop in the park right around marathon pace and it didn't feel so bad. It's still hard to imagine running 26.2 miles at that pace though...

Distance: 23.3 miles
Time: 3hrs 10 min

Friday, February 27, 2009

Easy Run

Today I went for an easy run, partly because I felt like I should do something short to get my legs back to normal after the past 2 days and partly because it was so warm outside! I did a loop around Prospect Park, staying on the path next to the road for most of it to give my legs a break from the pavement. It's going to be another high mileage week as tomorrow is the second of my 3 long long runs in the training plan. 21 miles is a long way... We'll see how it goes.

Distance: 4.2 mi
Time: 36 min

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Medium Long Day

Unfortunately, my schedule this week forced me to do my two hard days in a row. I did my medium long day today - I went down to Red Hook, around the track a few times, and then along Van Brundt St. to Columbia to Congress. I didn't really have a plan as to how I'd add on to my usual run but I saw a sign for the bike route to the Brooklyn Bridge and I went for it... It was a nice day for a run - sunny and 45ish. Hopefully my legs don't make me regret doing the whole thing tomorrow...

Distance: 12.1 mi
Time: 1 hr 40 min

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tempo Day

Today I did a 6 mile tempo run in Prospect Park. It was a perfect day for it, nice and cool and sunny. I debated running over to the top of the hill and starting the workout there so I'd only have to do the hill once, but I thought that was way too lame. Instead just warmed up and then started at the first mile marker I came to from the Cherry Tree run - I ended up doing miles 1-7 from the race course. My splits were pretty even, all from 6:55 (up the hill) to 6:47 with the last mile at 6:39. Its very encouraging to be able to do a run like that on a hilly course on my own. I must be doing something right!

Distance: 10.5 miles
Time: 79 min

Monday, February 23, 2009

Recovery Day

I went for an easy run today and felt surprisingly good, considering the hard long run I did yesterday. I did a loop around Green-Wood Cemetery and a loop around Prospect Park. It's sort of nice weather out there but pretty windy. At least the sun is out which is a nice change from the rain yesterday.

Distance: 7.62 miles
Time: 64 min

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cherry Tree 10 Mile

I did the Cherry Tree 10 miler in Prospect Park today and I have to say, it was really nice to run a race so close to home. Unfortunately for me, it started right on time when I was still on the line for the bathroom so I missed the start by what I think is about a minute and a half. It was a really fun race, low key and lots of spectators at the finish area.

My plan was to run about 5 miles easy before it started and then run the first 8 miles at marathon pace and the last 2 as fast as I could. I sort of stuck to that plan, I did the 5 before and then the next 8 were a little fast. I think I was just excited to be passing everyone (since I started late) and so used to running the park loop that I ended up picking up the pace on the flat parts because I knew right where I was. My splits were all over the place - for the miles going up the hill, they were right around 7:30 but on the flat and downhill parts they varied from around 7:10 to 7:20. I ran the last 2 miles hard, 7:01 (up the hill again) and 6:33 for a total time of 72:02. Pretty good for miles 14 and 15.

Distance: 15 miles
Time: 1hr 58min

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy Park Run

B and I went for an easy run to see how we felt before the big 10 miler tomorrow. We went for a loop around the park and then cut down to Slope Sports to pick up our numbers for the Cherry Tree 10 Mile. Its really nice to have the early pick up option as now that's one less thing to worry about in the morning.

I felt OK, my leg is a little sore but nowhere near where it was earlier in the week. I did some drills to stretch it out so I'm feeling better about it. I'm planning on running the race tomorrow as a mostly marathon pace workout - it'll be nice to have it on a course I know so well and to have more of an idea of where I'm at in my training. Also, it doesn't start until 10 which means I don't have to get up super early and I'll have plenty of time to get in some miles before it starts.

Distance: 4.9 miles
Time: 44 min

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hopefully Not Hurt

So I've had a sore quad for the past couple of days. I felt it for the first time on Tuesday when I was doing my strides - just a little twinge on the inside of my leg. I figured I just wasn't used to doing strides, which is true, and finished the workout. It was only a little sore on Wednesday, so I went on my usual run. Yesterday, it hurt a lot, whenever I started walking - once I got going, it seemed to loosen up and stopped hurting. I decided to play it safe and took yesterday off. It felt better this morning, so I figured I'd go for an easy run and see what would happen. It went pretty well - I feel no more sore now than before I left which is always a good thing. I ran slow, around the cemetery and then finished up in the park with some stretching / running drills to stretch everything out. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I hope it gets better - I'm signed up for the Cherry Tree 10 miler in Prospect Park on Sunday and of course, Boston is 2 months from today...

Distance: 5.6 mi
Time: 50 min

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Park Run

I did an "easy" run in the park today - I did 2 loops and a little extra as I stopped by the eye doctor on the way to make an appointment for tomorrow. I felt good but I ran too fast. The weather was strange, very windy at first, and then snowy and windy for a while, and then it got colder but the wind died down. I got in and heard the forecast for steady rain tonight, so I guess even with the snow, I was lucky I went when I did.

For the past few weeks, I've been doing the hundred pushup plan. I got through Week 2 last week but then I did the test and didn't get through the minimum. That didn't do much for my motivation and I took a few days off. Today I did my first day of redoing week 2. Hopefully I'll pass the test after this second try.

Distance: 8.7 mi
Time: 70 min

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today I went for my first speed day. I did 12x100m at the track down in Red Hook, doing hard on the straightaways and recovery on the turns. It felt great. I was a little worried about how my legs would feel given that I felt awful on my run on Sunday but I guess my day off yesterday was good for me.

Distance: 9.6 miles
Time: 79 min

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Long Run

I just finished my first ever 70 mile week! The 70 mile week was sort of an accident as that's how the timing worked out with the long run Sunday last weekend and then Saturday this week but still, I did it!

I did around 22 today, going over the Brooklyn Bridge, across to the West Side and then up to about 75th Street or so and back. And I actually felt great! It was really nice to have a group to run with as I don't think I would have made it for the full thing by myself. Now it's time for a big breakfast and then a long nap. Long run days are the best!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Medium Long Day

I got in my medium long run today which is good because I've missed the last few of them. I had a nice run, down to Red Hook, back up to Prospect Park and a loop around the outside of the park to get in my 12 miles. I felt good, even with the 50mph wind gusts. People walking around must have thought I was nuts as they watched me barely moving in some spots and getting blown sideways across the sidewalk.

Distance: 12.1 miles
Time: 95 min

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beautiful Day

It's 60F and sunny! Perfect for my easy run. I went around Green-Wood Cemetery and then around Prospect Park. The weather was so nice. This year is the first year where I can't seem to wait for winter to be over and I'm not sure if days like these help. It is a break in the winter weather, but it'll make the next cold snap seem that much colder. We're getting close though... it's almost March, right?

Distance: 7.7 miles
Time: 63 min

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 Mile Tempo

Today I did my second tempo workout of the training plan. I did 5.1 miles in just under 35 minutes. I felt good for the first 2 miles, terrible the third and then better again for the last part. But, I'm excited because even though I didn't feel great during the middle I didn't slow down and then picked it up at the end.

I did the whole thing in Prospect Park. Someone from PPTC has been busy as the mile markers are painted for the 10 mile Cherry Tree Race next weekend (I'm assuming that's what it was given that they went up to mile 9). That'll be a fun one with all those hills!

Distance: 9.3 miles
TIme: 70 min

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bronx Half Marathon

I ran the Bronx Half Marathon today. I did it as a long run rather than racing it... I added in a little before and a little after to get in 16 for the day. I really liked the course, with the out and back's. It's always motivating to see the really fast runners go by and also it's nice to know where you are on the course the whole time.

Running the race easy today made me kind of miss racing. I can't wait for my tune up races to see where I'm at. Now I just have to figure out which races I'll do. I'm leaning towards something (???) the weekend of March 8 and then the 15K Colon Cancer Challenge on March 22. Should be fun!

Distance: 16 mi
Time: 2:17

Saturday, February 07, 2009


B and I ran to McCarren Park today to pick up our veggies! It was a nice run, downhill mostly and not too far. I actually led the way and after only one outburst (something like, "If I knew I had to lead the way, I would have looked at a map before we left!") it went smoothly. Now I guess I'm sort of proud of myself for finding the way so I guess I shouldn't have complained so much.

Distance: 6 mi
Time: 53 min
Pushups: 27!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Red Hook Run

Today I did my standard Red Hook run along Van Brunt street. My legs felt much better than yesterday but my stomach gave me some trouble so I cut the run a little short. Luckily, my long run won't be until Sunday at the Bronx Half Marathon, so tomorrow I can get in the 10 miler I missed today.

Tomorrow is CSA pickup day! I actually get to go this time and I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to see what we get this time. I got the list and it looks like NY State beans and potatoes will be the big items. Mmmm mmm mmm.

Distance: 7.67 mi
Time: 63 min

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cold again

It's nice to be home. I spent Tuesday and yesterday in Albany for work. I did get to go for a run with Team Utopia Tuesday night which was lots of fun. They did 4x5 min on / 5 off - I sort of did the same but I took it easy because of the hard day I'd had on Monday. It was so good to see everyone! Its impressive when around 10 people show up on a night with a wind chill of around zero.

Today I got in an easy run with B in Prospect Park. It was cold and windy again. During our run, we talked about how it was hard to believe that 3 days ago it was 50 degrees out and this weekend it's supposed to get warm again but that it was so cold today ("real feel 4F" according to Even though it was cold, it felt good to get a run in after my day off yesterday.

Monday, February 02, 2009

First Tempo Run

I did my first tempo run of my marathon plan today. I have a head cold so I was a bit worried before I went out, but I felt great once I got running. I went at around 7 min/mi pace and felt nice and strong. It's so nice to have the park nearby to do these workouts as I know exactly how fast / far I end up going the whole time. It's a beautiful day out there today! I'm ready for spring... just one more month (sort of).

Distance: 7.8 mi
Time: 61 min

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Park Run

It's such a beautiful day today so B and I went for a run in Prospect Park. We did the loop twice. It was really busy there with lots of people running, walking and biking but all the snow and ice was gone from earlier this week so it wasn't bad for an easy run.

I've started the 100 pushups plan. I just finished week 1, doing 23 pushups today. Its hard! I was reluctant to post about it because that means I'm actually committed to finishing it, but figured since I've made it for a week, I should write about it and then hope that will keep me going. I'm also trying to do lunges twice a week in hopes that stronger quads will help me get through the downhills at Boston. We'll see in 10 weeks!

Distance: 7.5 mi
Time: 63 min

Saturday, January 31, 2009


I did a long run today, just over 18 miles. Went with the group from Grand Army Plaza, out Ocean Parkway to Coney Island and back. Now I'm tired.

For the last few weeks, my body hasn't been too happy with me running long runs every weekend. It seems like every other week, I have a great long run where I run fast and feel strong the whole way. But then on the other weeks, I feel like crap. Unfortunately, today I felt like crap. My first 20 miler is scheduled for 2 weeks from today with a shorter long run next weekend. Maybe the shorter run will help get me out of this pattern. I hope so, or its going to be a long 20 miles...

Distance: 18.1
Time: 2:30

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Workout Day

I got in my 5x1200 today. It sounded like it would be really hard, but once I got started it wasn't so bad and I actually ran faster than I had planned. My splits were relatively uneven (5:01, 4:46, 4:53, 5:04, 4:49) but I ran the loop around the park so the uphill ones were the slow ones. I had to remind myself on the hill that I was training for Boston so I'd better not slack off on the hills...

It was a beautiful day for a run. Most of the water had dried up from last night so there wasn't much ice in the park, just some slushy parts and puddles to run around. Nice and sunny too!

Distance: 8.7 miles
Time: 65 min

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Group Run

I went up to Albany on Monday and Tuesday this week. Had to work long hours so I didn't get together with the Utopia crew, but I did get to run an early morning loop around the SUNY campus. I wouldn't say I miss running there, but it was nice to run a familiar loop because it was dark outside. I even saw a few other people out braving the early cold morning.

The original plan for today was 5x1200. However, I bailed on that because of the weather and went to the PPTC group run instead, which was way more fun than a workout by myself in the rain. It was getting pretty cold and slippery and I had my first fall of the winter. Fortunately, it was more of a slow slide down onto the side of my leg, so it didn't hurt much. Good thing, given that I have to run that workout tomorrow and its going to be hard enough without getting hurt.

Distance: 6 mi
Time: 49 min

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Manhattan Half Marathon

I think I'm finally thawed out from the race this morning. It was cold, about 15F the whole time I was outside. The new start location this year was a big improvement making it much easier for me to get to the race. (When I ran it a couple of years ago, having to wait around to switch trains/ take a cab/ run to the starting line and still missing the start wasn't so fun.) I arrived early and got in a little over 40 minutes before the start so I could get a total of 18 for the day. Having these long races with lots of water and cheering volunteers along the course makes the long runs easier, that's for sure.

Time: 2:25
Distance: around 18 miles

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its getting colder out there. Just finished an "easy" 6 mile loop and a half of Prospect Park. The road is finally dry after the few inches of snow we got this week which makes it nicer for running. I hope its not too cold for the race tomorrow. According to, it will feel like 10F at 9am... at least the wind is supposed to die down by morning.

Distance: 6 mi
Time: 50 min

Friday, January 23, 2009

Beautiful day for a run

Today was my medium long run. I think these are my favorite runs of the week. I get to push the pace at the end, but I usually end up feeling strong and surprising myself when I get back and check my splits. I ran the first half with B at around normal training pace, 8:45 or so. Then he headed for home and I ran a hard loop around the park, at around 7:30 pace and I felt great. I even passed a guy all dressed in fancy bike gear, going up the hill on Prospect Park Southwest at the end. I did some lunges afterwards, hoping that they'll make the pain from the set on Wednesday go away...

I've finally decided my plan for the Manhattan Half Marathon this Sunday. I'm going to run around 45 minutes beforehand and then do the race for a nice 18 mile day. It'll be nice to have a long run with water stops... Too bad it won't be 45 and sunny like it was today.

Time: 95 min
Distance: 11.6 mi

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Easy Day

It feels much warmer outside today, making it a nice day for my easy run. I got in 8 miles, doing a loop around Green-Wood cemetery and then a loop around Prospect Park. The footing was good, with most of the snow cleared from the past couple of days except for the stretch along side of the rail yards, on 36th and 37th Streets, which was not cleared at all.

Distance - 8 mi
Time - 67 min

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Made It

Today I got in my weekly workout, 2x2 miles. I went right around 7 min pace but it felt really hard. I wonder if its because my body is still trying to get used to running more miles consistently. All I know is it's going to take all the energy I've got left to not take a nap this afternoon.

Inspired by a visit / run with my Team Utopia pals up in Albany on Monday night, I did lunges and pushups afterward my workout. I'm a big wimp. They are doing 100 pushups a day for 50 days and I barely got through 30. Its amazing how I can be in great running shape, but horrible everything else shape. Guess it pays to do some cross training once in a while.

Distance: 8.1 mi
Time: 63 min

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something Different

I went for a easy run with B this afternoon. We went down McDonald Ave, to Kings Highway, and then back towards home on Ocean Pkwy. It was a nice run, nice to do something different. Not much traffic or stopping and starting which helped since it got colder as we kept running.

It did make me excited for summer as I realized that I can run out to Coney Island and go to the beach! Too bad I've got a while to wait for that...

Distance: 9.23 mi
Time: 83 min

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It was cold!

Got in about 14 miles today. Not quite the 17 that the plan called for, but I think its OK given the extra work I had to do to stay warm. It was about 7F when I left the apartment and didn't feel like it warmed up at all throughout the 2 hours I was out.

It was an interesting run... We ran from Prospect Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge and over to the West Side, around Battery Park and then back to the park. The goal was to see the plane in the Hudson. Couldn't see much but a piece of a wing sticking up out of the water. It was pretty strange. Also strange was the turkey that was walking around in Battery Park... Really, a wild turkey just walking around. I wonder if animal control (or some other agency) is responsible for rescuing wild turkeys that somehow make it into Manhattan.

Distance: around 14 miles
Time: around 2 hours (Stopped my watch around an hour in on accident)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Medium Long Day

Now I remember why I try not to do 2 hard days in a row. Since I have to make a trip to Michigan tomorrow, I did my medium long run (about 10 miles) today instead. After the workout yesterday, my legs felt OK but at about 45 minutes into the run, I started feeling very tired, just no energy. I went down to Red Hook and then out Columbia St. to Congress and worked my way to Flatbush Ave., cut over to Union, went to GAP and then a loop on the roads around the park. Whew, it sounds much longer when I write it out...

Distance: 10.5 miles
Time: 86 minutes

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today I modified the schedule a little bit so I could use the 1/4 mile markers on the loop around Prospect Park - they are so convenient, allowing me to get hills and intervals in at the same time. I was supposed to do 5x1000 but I did 8x800 with 400 rest instead. The goal was to do them at around 5K to 8K pace, but as I have no idea what I can run a 5K or 8K race in, it was an estimate. I did them all around 3:15-3:18 with a slower one up the hill (3:24) and the last one in 3:10. So, overall, a good workout.

I read this article the other morning and found myself thinking about it a lot during the run. I really like long, hard intervals, the kind that you think to yourself before you start that it will be impossible to do all of them but then when you get about half way into it you realize you can and you will hit your times. I wonder if that makes me more of a 10mile / half marathon kind of a girl. Someday I'll have to focus on training for the half marathon and see.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I love the park!

We got a little snow and some more ice/rain last night so I was so glad I had the park today. I got in an easy 5 miles with B around Prospect Park. Footing wasn't great on the sidewalks to the park, including the park side of Prospect Park West, but once we got into the park, it was fine on the main road. My legs felt pretty good, considering the long run yesterday.

Get to make the trip up to Albany tomorrow, so it'll be a much needed rest day for me.

Distance: 5.3 miles
Time: 47 minutes

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long Run

This morning I met up for a group run and got in about 12 miles going from Grand Army Plaza, over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, then to the Williamsburg Bridge and back to GAP. Between that, my run to GAP and then adding on a loop on the outside of Prospect Park and a little bit in the park, I got in 17.5 miles. It felt so much better than the long run last weekend so that's a relief.

On another note, our monthly winter CSA share from came today. It's always exciting to get the box full of veggies, eggs and grains. Today we got lots of beets (my absolute favorite) along with potatoes, kale, granola and spelt. I don't know what to do with spelt but I guess I'll find out soon!

Distance: 17.5 mi
Time: 2:26

Friday, January 09, 2009

Easy day

I got in an easy run this morning. I was trying to get some work done but got kicked off of the computer so instead of just sitting around frustrated like I usually do when that happens, I went out for a run. I went down to Red Hook - there was a lot of traffic on the way there but once I got there it was worth it. The view of Manhattan was beautiful down by the Brooklyn shipping terminal which made up for the wind and the traffic. I've got to get in a long run tomorrow so I just tried to take it easy and enjoy the view.

Distance: 6.88 mi
Time: 57 min

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I got in 11.5 miles today, doing a loop around Green-Wood Cemetery with B and then 2 loops around Prospect Park. By the end I was going pretty fast as it was dark and I just wanted to get the run over with. It was super windy out there today. The past couple of days have been busy with work so it was nice to get out for a run, even if it was in the dark for most of the time.

Distance: 11.57 miles
Time: 95 minutes

Monday, January 05, 2009

First Official Marathon Workout

I just got back from my first workout in my new marathon training plan! I did 2x1.75 miles at what was supposed to be lactate threshold pace. I actually ran just under 7min/mile pace for both intervals, with the first mile in 6:41 (oops) - I must have been excited to get started on these workouts... Hopefully I'll have that level of enthusiasm for the next few months and not just on the first workout! I've got to get the pacing under control though - it shouldn't take a big uphill to get me to hit my splits.

First one done, just 14 more weeks to go...

Distance: 8.55 miles
Time: 67 minutes

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Easy Day

Today B and I did an easy loop around Prospect Park, adding on a little at the beginning. It was a nice, cool day for running. My legs actually felt good after the long run yesterday which was a nice surprise.

Distance: 6mi
Time: 50:30

Saturday, January 03, 2009


I finally settled on a marathon training plan yesterday. The plan focuses on long runs, doing a long run and a medium long run each week, and then one workout, either a tempo run or fairly long intervals. Sounds like my kind of plan. I decided on this one as I think its more do-able on my own than the plans I've followed in the past with 2 workouts a week. It was much easier to get out twice a week for hard intervals when I had a team to meet (I miss Utopia!!)

So today, to start on my plan, I got in an almost 15 mile long run. It had plenty of hills as it started at Grand Army Plaza, went down over the Brooklyn Bridge, back on the Manhattan Bridge, back up the slope to GAP and then around Prospect Park on the roads. I'm exhausted now, but hoping that next week's long run will go smoother because I made it through today's run.

Distance: 14.9mi
Time: 123 min

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

So I don't think I've ever added them up before, but in 2008 I ran 1632 miles. That sounds like a lot, especially since I didn't run a marathon this year. It was a strange running year for me, given that I didn't really focus on any races at all over the whole year. I started the year out running on treadmills in a gym in the middle of Manitoba, just trying to stay in shape while working 70 hours a week. After I got home in April, I just tried to keep up on with the group runs I did with Team Utopia in Albany. Finally got back into it over the summer and then I moved to Brooklyn and tried to stick with it over the move. I did run the fastest mile I've run since college in late September, but I think thats the only real exciting race I had with a decent time. Next year will be different, as I've got Boston coming up and I'll have a bunch of new races to train for since I'm living down in NYC.

Anyway, went for an easy run today. B and I did the loop around Green-wood cemetery. I felt pretty good - it was a great day for running. Nice and cold and sunny.

Time: 42 minutes
Distance: 4.9 miles

2009 Races

Nov. 15NYRR XC Team Champs Van Cortlandt Park5K21:31
Sept. 18, 19Reach the Beach Relay
Cannon Mt to Hampton Beach, NH
207 mi
I did 23
Leg 1 - 8.9 mi / 68 min
Leg 2 - 3.8 mi / 28 min
Leg 3 - 6.9mi / 50 min
Leg 4 - 3.4mi / 23 min
First Place Women's team!
Aug. 8NYRR Team Championships
Central Park
May 10Cinco De Mayo 5K
Prospect Park
5K20:31 (2nd place woman!)
Apr. 20The Boston Marathon
26.2 mi3:42:52
Mar. 22Colon Cancer Challenge
Central Park
15K1:04:38 3rd place age group!
Mar. 8Celebrate Life Half Marathon
Rock Hill, NY
13.1mi1:38:18 2nd place age group!
Feb. 22Cherry Tree 10 Mile
Prospect Park
10mi1:12:02 (Unofficial time, missed the start)
Feb. 8Bronx Half Marathon13.1mi1:45:04
Jan. 25Manhattan Half Marathon
Central Park