Friday, January 23, 2009

Beautiful day for a run

Today was my medium long run. I think these are my favorite runs of the week. I get to push the pace at the end, but I usually end up feeling strong and surprising myself when I get back and check my splits. I ran the first half with B at around normal training pace, 8:45 or so. Then he headed for home and I ran a hard loop around the park, at around 7:30 pace and I felt great. I even passed a guy all dressed in fancy bike gear, going up the hill on Prospect Park Southwest at the end. I did some lunges afterwards, hoping that they'll make the pain from the set on Wednesday go away...

I've finally decided my plan for the Manhattan Half Marathon this Sunday. I'm going to run around 45 minutes beforehand and then do the race for a nice 18 mile day. It'll be nice to have a long run with water stops... Too bad it won't be 45 and sunny like it was today.

Time: 95 min
Distance: 11.6 mi