Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Group Run

I went up to Albany on Monday and Tuesday this week. Had to work long hours so I didn't get together with the Utopia crew, but I did get to run an early morning loop around the SUNY campus. I wouldn't say I miss running there, but it was nice to run a familiar loop because it was dark outside. I even saw a few other people out braving the early cold morning.

The original plan for today was 5x1200. However, I bailed on that because of the weather and went to the PPTC group run instead, which was way more fun than a workout by myself in the rain. It was getting pretty cold and slippery and I had my first fall of the winter. Fortunately, it was more of a slow slide down onto the side of my leg, so it didn't hurt much. Good thing, given that I have to run that workout tomorrow and its going to be hard enough without getting hurt.

Distance: 6 mi
Time: 49 min