Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

So I don't think I've ever added them up before, but in 2008 I ran 1632 miles. That sounds like a lot, especially since I didn't run a marathon this year. It was a strange running year for me, given that I didn't really focus on any races at all over the whole year. I started the year out running on treadmills in a gym in the middle of Manitoba, just trying to stay in shape while working 70 hours a week. After I got home in April, I just tried to keep up on with the group runs I did with Team Utopia in Albany. Finally got back into it over the summer and then I moved to Brooklyn and tried to stick with it over the move. I did run the fastest mile I've run since college in late September, but I think thats the only real exciting race I had with a decent time. Next year will be different, as I've got Boston coming up and I'll have a bunch of new races to train for since I'm living down in NYC.

Anyway, went for an easy run today. B and I did the loop around Green-wood cemetery. I felt pretty good - it was a great day for running. Nice and cold and sunny.

Time: 42 minutes
Distance: 4.9 miles