Saturday, January 17, 2009

It was cold!

Got in about 14 miles today. Not quite the 17 that the plan called for, but I think its OK given the extra work I had to do to stay warm. It was about 7F when I left the apartment and didn't feel like it warmed up at all throughout the 2 hours I was out.

It was an interesting run... We ran from Prospect Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge and over to the West Side, around Battery Park and then back to the park. The goal was to see the plane in the Hudson. Couldn't see much but a piece of a wing sticking up out of the water. It was pretty strange. Also strange was the turkey that was walking around in Battery Park... Really, a wild turkey just walking around. I wonder if animal control (or some other agency) is responsible for rescuing wild turkeys that somehow make it into Manhattan.

Distance: around 14 miles
Time: around 2 hours (Stopped my watch around an hour in on accident)