Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today I modified the schedule a little bit so I could use the 1/4 mile markers on the loop around Prospect Park - they are so convenient, allowing me to get hills and intervals in at the same time. I was supposed to do 5x1000 but I did 8x800 with 400 rest instead. The goal was to do them at around 5K to 8K pace, but as I have no idea what I can run a 5K or 8K race in, it was an estimate. I did them all around 3:15-3:18 with a slower one up the hill (3:24) and the last one in 3:10. So, overall, a good workout.

I read this article the other morning and found myself thinking about it a lot during the run. I really like long, hard intervals, the kind that you think to yourself before you start that it will be impossible to do all of them but then when you get about half way into it you realize you can and you will hit your times. I wonder if that makes me more of a 10mile / half marathon kind of a girl. Someday I'll have to focus on training for the half marathon and see.