Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cold again

It's nice to be home. I spent Tuesday and yesterday in Albany for work. I did get to go for a run with Team Utopia Tuesday night which was lots of fun. They did 4x5 min on / 5 off - I sort of did the same but I took it easy because of the hard day I'd had on Monday. It was so good to see everyone! Its impressive when around 10 people show up on a night with a wind chill of around zero.

Today I got in an easy run with B in Prospect Park. It was cold and windy again. During our run, we talked about how it was hard to believe that 3 days ago it was 50 degrees out and this weekend it's supposed to get warm again but that it was so cold today ("real feel 4F" according to Even though it was cold, it felt good to get a run in after my day off yesterday.