Friday, February 20, 2009

Hopefully Not Hurt

So I've had a sore quad for the past couple of days. I felt it for the first time on Tuesday when I was doing my strides - just a little twinge on the inside of my leg. I figured I just wasn't used to doing strides, which is true, and finished the workout. It was only a little sore on Wednesday, so I went on my usual run. Yesterday, it hurt a lot, whenever I started walking - once I got going, it seemed to loosen up and stopped hurting. I decided to play it safe and took yesterday off. It felt better this morning, so I figured I'd go for an easy run and see what would happen. It went pretty well - I feel no more sore now than before I left which is always a good thing. I ran slow, around the cemetery and then finished up in the park with some stretching / running drills to stretch everything out. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I hope it gets better - I'm signed up for the Cherry Tree 10 miler in Prospect Park on Sunday and of course, Boston is 2 months from today...

Distance: 5.6 mi
Time: 50 min