Saturday, February 28, 2009

Long Run

I did about 23 miles today with PPTC. It went pretty well - We did a few loops from Grand Army Plaza so people going different distances could do more with the group. We did a loop from GAP to the Brooklyn Bridge to the Manhattan Bridge and then back to GAP (around 10.5 miles). To add on, we then did a loop around Green-Wood cemetery and then a loop around the park. It was a hilly run which I guess is what I need to do to prepare for the hills at Boston. I was a little worried when we got to GAP the first time and I realized that we were only half way done, but the second half went well once I got into it. I even finished up with a loop in the park right around marathon pace and it didn't feel so bad. It's still hard to imagine running 26.2 miles at that pace though...

Distance: 23.3 miles
Time: 3hrs 10 min