Monday, March 09, 2009

Easy Run

Surprisingly, I felt good on my easy run today. I ran up to GAP and did a loop around the park for about 6 miles. I was expecting my legs to feel awful given how they felt at the end of the race yesterday, but they felt fine. I wonder if it's the mileage more than the hills that made me feel so terrible yesterday. I felt pretty good during the race until the hill during the 9th mile. Once I got up that, I just had nothing left. But today I feel fine... Maybe not enough energy stores built up from last weekend's long run? I know at first, when I was building up my long runs each week (before they got super long) I'd feel good every other week and then terrible the weeks in between... Maybe it's the same thing happening again and I'm only noticing it because it was a longer race. I just wish it hadn't happened on a day when I was so excited to run fast and get a good time in. Hopefully the 15K in Central Park in 2 weeks will go better.

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 50 min.