Saturday, March 28, 2009

I got my race packet for Boston yesterday. After a long day on the road for work (to Chicago and back in one day), it was nice to come home to the surprise! A friend of mine had pointed out that my number/wave were online a few days ago, but it's still nice to have gotten the packet.

My knee, however, is getting frustrating. It was really sore yesterday, especially after each time I got off of the plane. So, I decided to play it safe and not go to the PPTC run this morning - I knew that if I went, I'd want to do the whole thing and I'd ignore my knee... so instead I'll see how it feels later today (it feels much better this morning! but it did feel fine yesterday morning too...) and maybe go for a short run to stretch things out this afternoon. I was reminded that it's more important to make it to the starting line healthy than run any specific workouts, so I'll keep telling myself that over the next few days.