Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Park Run

Today I went for my medium long run for the week. Because of the snow yesterday, I figured it was safest to stick to the park so I did 3 loops. There were some icy sections on the far side of the park, but other than that, the footing wasn't too bad. It wasn't the most exciting run (fortunately I brought some podcasts along) but I felt good, despite the cold weather. Hopefully this will be my last run in windchills in the single digits for the year.

It looks like a movie is being filmed in the park, so there was more traffic than usual on the part of the road that runs parallel to Prospect Park West. The one good thing about it is that they plowed the entrance at Bartel Pritchard Square so they could park a bunch of trucks there. Generally after a snow fall its really icy and I end up sliding my way through to get to the main road but not today.

Distance: 11 mi
Time: 90 min