Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking it easy

I've been taking it easy in hopes that it will help my knee get better and it seems to be working. I took Friday and Saturday off and then did 5 miles easy on Sunday. It went OK but by the end of the run, my knee was getting sore and then I could feel it for the rest of the night. I took Monday off and then today tried another easy 5 miles. It's definitely feeling better than on Sunday but still tightened up after I got to the top of the hill in Prospect Park - I'm not sure if it was the switch from uphill to flat/downhill or what that did it, but I stopped and stretched and it felt much better. I did some drills in hopes that they would help stretch it out some more and it feels totally fine now. I'm feeling optimistic, but I'm still going to pay extra attention to it over the next few days in hopes of a complete recovery... I'm still a little worried given that hills seem to bother it and there are plenty of hills in Boston. Hopefully I'll kick this thing before I get to the starting line.

Distance: 5.6mi
Time: 46 min