Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pain free knee!

I did my first workout since my knee started bothering me today and it went really well! I did a long warmup and stretched really well - I think that made all the difference because my knee didn't bother me at all during the 5 mile tempo run. I ended up going pretty fast, my splits were:
7:05 (uphill)
It was super windy out there today so it was good to be able to run that fast with the hills and the wind. I was pretty excited that my knee felt good with Boston coming up so fast.

I bought my bus ticket today - now all I need to do is figure out where to eat the night before and all the plans will be made. I had a bad dream last night about Boston - I got to the starting line late and I'd forgotten to bring gloves and gels and I just felt totally unprepared and stressed out. Good thing that won't actually happen...

Distance: 8.7 mi
Time: 64 min