Wednesday, April 08, 2009


As indicated by the less frequent posts, it's not as fun to write about my running when it's not going exceptionally well. The knee is feeling better, still not all better, but getting there. The taper has begun, and I have to say I don't really like it. The last few days have been all easy runs and a long run on Monday. Tomorrow I do my last real workout (3xmile) before the marathon. These last few weeks always seem to be the hardest for me... Once I get used to the miles, I love doing them - I love how it feels to get through the hard workouts and when they are cut out of the training, it's hard to stay motivated, even though the hardest run yet is coming up fast...

Partly in hopes of keeping me excited about running these last few weeks, I broke down and got myself a Garmin 305 last weekend. I figured it's an early birthday / making it through Boston training present. I haven't figured out how to use many of the features but I can take it out for a run and have it tell me exactly where I went and see a graph of heart rate vs elevation on the run... I don't know if its really useful information, but it's fun to look at.