Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is it!

Just did my last run before Boston, an easy 3 miler in the park, early in the morning. I'm taking the bus up to Boston this morning - figured earlier was better so we can be sure to get to the expo with plenty of time. I'm pretty excited. I feel ready to go...

I have high hopes for this marathon. I put in the highest mileage I've ever done and I'm hoping for a big PR. It's also my first Boston. I remember back in middle school when my dad was into running and he did the NYC marathon. I wanted to do it too, and I made up my life marathon plan. The idea was that I'd do NY as my first one, just to enjoy it, and then run my second marathon fast, to qualify for Boston. #3 would be Boston and then I wouldn't have to run a marathon ever again.... We'll see if I stick to it - I really like the marathon now that I've tried it (we'll see if I say that after tomorrow) so I can't imagine this will be the last one, but it will be special as it's something I've thought about doing for such a long time. Time to go catch the bus. I can't wait to cross that starting line tomorrow morning!