Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, I finished...

So I ran the Boston Marathon yesterday... I knew at about 10 miles that it just wasn't my day. My legs weren't reacting well to the downhills and my goal changed from getting a PR to finishing the race. I ended up slowing way down but getting through it in just under 3:43.

That course is tough... I actually found myself looking forward to the Newton hills once they got started because going up felt so much better than going down by that point. I dreaded getting to the top and having to go down again. But I finished. So I did it. That's something.

Tonight, as I half walked/ half limped to a local restaurant for dinner, I told B that I guess this meant I'd have to pick a fall marathon so I can re-qualify for Boston next year and prove that I can have a decent race on that course... We'll see... Fortunately I have some time to think about that.