Monday, May 04, 2009

Desert? Nope, Pine Bush Preserve

Today I'm in Albany for work. I couldn't resist going for a run in the Pine Bush Preserve after a long day... This is how I remembered it from all of the running I've done there over the years I lived in Albany:

It's definitely one of my favorite places to run, ever. The trails are so soft and quiet and peaceful and I'm reminded of the great runs I've had there and all the friends I've made while getting lost in the woods.

At least that's how I felt when I started the run. But then I came upon this:

I'd heard that the clearing was going on, but it's pretty hard to imagine the extent of it without seeing it. For a place that is a "Preserve", protected by an organization with the goal of maintaining a unique environment that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world, I'm not sure how clearing huge areas really fits in with that... I'd heard that there was some invasive tree species that had spread into the area but again, it's hard to believe that clearing everything out of such big areas is really necessary.