Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly 400s

Today I did the workout I should have done last week, 8x400 at mile pace starting every 3 min (not 3 min rest). I figured that instead of trying to catch up and shorten the rest even further and add 4, I'd just redo last weeks run and then be a week behind.

Decided to do it in Prospect Park rather than run down to the track as it looked like it might rain and I knew I'd have a lot of work to do this afternoon so shorter was better. The park also seemed much less daunting than the track for some reason. Given how hard the workout was last week, with twice the rest, I figured the less intimidating option would be best. Turns out it was - I felt great - Splits were good, all 86-88 again with the 86s on the downhill ones and the last one. Running it in the park made them feel like they went by faster, changing scenery made a big difference. Next week, 12x400 starting every 2:30... I'll try not to think about it until then.

Distance: 6.6 mi
Time: 55 min