Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So today I missed the PPTC speed series workout because I'm still out of town but I got the email saying it was 4xmile. I'm guessing a few of you who are reading this were there - does anyone know how fast the miles were supposed to be? 5k pace?? I'm going to attempt it tomorrow on my own so any insight would be very useful... Thanks!

So far I've made 2 out of the 6 workouts, given my upcoming travel plans, I'll be lucky if I make 4 out of the 10 sessions. Maybe I'll have better luck in the fall.

Today I went for an easy run - 40 minutes of comfortable running. My legs felt pretty bad from the longish run I did on Sunday, my guess is I'm not recovering too well as I've been away from home, unfamiliar sleeping and eating as well as lots of family activities don't make for fast recovery. It'll definitely be nice to get home tomorrow.