Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long day...

Today was my long run day. Instead of going long all in one run, I split it up into two in order to see what it would feel like in preparation of my upcoming relays. Fortunately I had company on both runs so it made it much easier to commit to getting out twice. In the morning I met a small group of PPTC'ers at Grand Army Plaza. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and then back to Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge - one of our regular loops. As always, it turned out to be a nice run, hardly any traffic on the bridges with the 7am start. It was humid, but there was a nice breeze the whole time which kept it bearable.

After spending the day apartment hunting, I made it out for my second run for the day. I met up with a friend and we did a loop and a half around Prospect Park. There was some kind of festival going on near the Bandshell and the rest of the park was pretty busy too... lots to look at as we went by. Surprisingly, besides my feet being sore, I felt relatively good on this second run. I just felt really warmed up right away and not too tired. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight though.

Total distance: 10.5 AM, 7.5 PM = 18 for the day!