Monday, August 10, 2009

After a busy week away for work with only one day of running (in Manitoba - it was 45 degrees, beautiful!), I got quite a lot of running in over the weekend. On Saturday, I ran in the NYRR Team Champs race. After the alarm went off Saturday morning, I said to myself that I'd just skip it, but then lying there, I felt too guilty about it being a team race, so I finally got myself up and out of the apartment. I felt OK on my warmup but the first mile felt awful. Finally hit my stride in the second mile and ran pretty even splits for a 35:00 - right on 7 min pace for the 5 miles, not bad for the week I had. I'm glad I decided to get up and go...

Sunday I tried another double. Got in about 8.4 in the morning and then 6.2 in the afternoon. I met up with a few of the other girls on our Reach the Beach Relay team. It helped a lot to have them to run with, I doubt I would have found the motivation for the double on my own.

Today was another off day since I had a busy work day... Hopefully tomorrow on my trip out of town, I'll bring along running stuff and get a lunch run in. I've gotta get more consistent during the week, no matter what work throws at me.