Sunday, August 02, 2009

R2C Relay

Yesterday I ran across New Jersey. Really. I was on a team for the River to Sea Relay - 7 of us ran across New Jersey from the Delaware River to the Atlantic ocean, Milford to Manesquan. It was quite the adventure... I ended up joining the team a few weeks ago because they needed an extra runner and I'm really glad that I did.

My 2 legs were numbers 6 and 12 so I had a long time to wait around and help support my teammates before hand, directing them and handing out water. When I finally ran, I did my first leg of 8.05 miles in right around 58 minutes, which I was really happy with given the hot conditions. Then I immediately ate some food and fell asleep for a few minutes in the car while others were cheering on the team. A few hours later, I was running again, this time for 6.55 miles in about 48 minutes, not bad considering how tired I felt at the start of this leg.

It was a pretty fun event, very well organized. Since it was a relay, directions and signs were really important and they did a good job so both the drivers supporting and the runners knew where to go. If you can get a team together, this race is definitely worth a try - way less commitment than the longer relays out there because at 92 miles its only half the distance, but it was still challenging because with teams of 7 runners, you didn't get as long as a rest between legs.