Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labour Day

I'm still in Canada - so its Labour day for me this year. Got in a nice run this morning, about 5.75 miles, it was warmer than it has been, around 15C when I went out, but it was also pretty windy so it didn't feel nearly as warm as I'd expected. I actually ran into some coworkers that also go for a morning jog, it was dark and it took until I was right up next to them to realize it was them, I'm not sure if they knew it was me... I had my sweet new headlamp on, I wonder what I look like in the dark when I have that on. Also, it felt really strange to run by people I know, being up here.

Yesterday, I did a nice 9.5 mile loop which literally went around the whole town. I felt surprisingly good going longer in the early morning which was encouraging. That was my last longish run before the relay next week (I can't believe its next week already!). And the taper begins...