Friday, September 04, 2009

Its really flat here...

I'm in Brandon Manitoba for work again but this trip I'm doing much better with my running, so far. I made it out yesterday morning for just over 6 miles, early before the sun came up. Got to see a really neat full moon, bright orange and huge on the horizon, and got to test out my new headlamp that I got for Reach the Beach. The headlamp made the run much easier. Its really dark here when not on the main roads with streetlights. Also, I was able to see more jack rabbits than I would have otherwise... (They are huge!)

I didn't make it out this morning, the extra hour of sleep won out, but this evening after work I got out for a relaxed 5 miler. I felt OK, although I can definitely feel that I don't drink enough water when I'm away from home and that I've been working long days... At least I got it in. And the taper begins, just 2 more weeks until Reach the Beach!