Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Won!

Had a great time at the Reach the Beach Relay up in NH this weekend! And my team, No Sleep Til Brooklyn, won - we were top overall womens team!! 207 miles in 26 hours and 38 minutes, averaging 8 minute pace, not too bad... Prize is pretty good too, we each got a new pair of running shoes!

My legs went pretty well too. Here's a recap:
Leg 1 - 8.9 miles, 68 min at about 2:30 pm Fri. - This leg was beautiful, bright and sunny running in the White Mountains. But, I just didn't feel it for some reason. It was pretty hilly and I just didn't have it on the uphills. My splits were all over the place and I never felt like I got into a good rhythm. I found myself wondering how would I ever make it through 3 more legs.
Leg 2 - 3.9 miles, 28 min at 10:30 pm Fri. - Felt much better. I'd done quite a few doubles leading up to this so I knew what to expect going into this second run. Felt nice and strong, kind of liked running in the dark, especially watching and catching the runners with their blinking red lights up ahead of me.
Leg 3 - 6.89 miles, 50 min at 8am Sat. - Again, felt good on this one. I didn't get any sleep, but somehow when the sun came up about an hour before I had to run, I got a second wind. It was refreshing and actually felt like a new day was starting, even though we'd run through the night. I passed a lot of runners again, and it motivated me to keep a strong pace.
Leg 4 - 3.4 miles, 23 min at 3:30 pm Sat. - I was flying! This one was great, nice and short and I just booked it. It was exciting knowing I was about to finish and that after one more runner ran, we'd be done! And, right before I started, I saw the team that had the next fastest womens seed and we were ahead of them! So I was psyched going into this one. I just went as fast as my tired legs would take me. I couldn't believe when I looked at my watch afterwards and saw I ran sub 7 min pace!

It was a great time, I'd definitely recommend this one if you have the chance.