Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another good week for me this past week. Monday I got in an easy run, going over to Red Hook to the post office and around Ikea and then back home, nice and comfortable. Tuesday I made it to the PPTC Speed Session - it was Week #4 and my second one for the series. We did a tempo run in Prospect Park, 20 min wu / 20 min tempo right around 7 minute pace / 20 min wd. With my additional run to / from Bartel Pritchard Square where we meet up, it gave me just under 12 for the night. Was a fun run, nice to run with a group to get me through the tempo. I know I wouldn't have run nearly that fast if I had been doing that workout on my own. Took Wed/Thurs off and then went easy with B yesterday around our neighborhood.

This morning went for a short PPTC group run, lots of races coming up tomorrow so no one in the group I ran with wanted to go too far (there was a group heading out for 20 miles, wow, its hard to think about going that long when you aren't in the marathon mindset). Saw/smelled two unusual things today on my run. On the way up Union St to meet the group, I ran by one of the warehouses for the casket company and they had the door open, weird thing to look in there and see all those caskets standing around. Then when we went by the farmers market at the plaza outside the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn, ran by a few huge crates of basil they were unloading from a truck - it smelled amazing! It was fun to get out for an easy run with the group - was able to just enjoy the run rather than push to keep up and definitely helped get me excited for the 10K I'm running tomorrow in Bed-Stuy. Should be fun!

Good luck to all the marathoners this weekend! I know this is a big weekend outside of the City, with races in Albany, Hartford and Scranton as well as Chicago. Nothing like all those amazing marathon performances to motivate me to get through my easy base training weeks coming up!