Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold and Rainy

It was not the nicest weather when I went out for my run today: 40F, windy and rainy. But I went anyway, after going back up to the apartment for a rain jacket. Got in a comfortable hour at almost exactly 8 min/mile, supposed to be an easy day but I think the rain and wind had me going a little too fast in order to get home sooner. I ran up to Prospect Park and did a loop and then came home - for a little over 7 miles.

Took yesterday off as I was traveling for work. On Tuesday I made it out to the weekly PPTC speed workout where we did 4xmile. I felt surprisingly good considering the race on Sunday and then a long day traveling for work on Monday. My splits showed how I had no real idea how fast I should be running when I started, as they went from 6:35 at the beginning to 6:20 at the end. I felt nice and strong throughout the workout, with the last one being hard, but not impossible hard. Overall, I was really happy with the workout.