Monday, October 19, 2009

What a weekend with more cold and rainy weather. I got out to run both days though which is something, even though I ended up skipping the XC race at Van Cortland Park that I was thinking of going to.

Saturday - 12.4 miles - I made it to the PPTC weekly long run, it was a relatively big group and about 6 of us chose one of our regular routes, across the Brooklyn Bridge, around Battery Park and then back over the Brooklyn Bridge to home. It was a good run, I felt really strong towards the end, running back over to Brooklyn. Definitely happy I made it out.

Sunday - 5.4 miles - Did an "easy" run with B around the neighborhood. He hasn't been running much which suites me just fine as it means I'm usually forced to go easy when we run together, but yesterday he pushed the pace a bit and we ended up running at around 8:20 pace. Whoops. But it felt OK, and I'm taking today off to make up for it.