Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in it...

This week was a good week for me. I was busy at work, but made time for running too. And I set a goal for this winter - I'm going to try for the NYC qualifying time at the Manhattan Half Marathon, assuming its in late January as its been for the past few years. I think coming up with a shortened (9 week) half-marathon training plan and setting a start date for that (one more week) really got me excited about my running. Hopefully that motivation will carry through throughout the plan.

I made it out 5 days this week, most of them easy 6-7 milers. Got in one workout, at the PPTC speed session on Tuesday night where we did 5x800 with 5 min rest. The rest was a little long, so I decided to try and push the intervals, which I did around 3:05 or so, finishing the last one in 2:55. It felt really good to go fast, which got me all the more excited for this training plan to start. Got in 9 this morning with the club to finish up a solid week.