Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tonight I went to the last of the fall PPTC speed workouts. We did short hills, one set of 10 that were maybe 100m long and then a set of 5 that were a little longer, maybe 150m. It was a fun workout, it felt good to run short intervals, I haven't done anything like that in a long long time. I ran home afterwards for a total of 7.4 miles for the night.

As I ease into my training plan for the half marathon, I'm also trying to get into the habit of doing some overall strength exercises. I've started doing abs/lunges/back exercises twice a week and then I did yoga for about half an hour this morning. I'm going to try and work that in twice a week too, to get more overall core strength and flexibility. I'm hoping that once I build it into my normal routine, it'll get easier to stick with it. Also hoping that since I'm writing about it here, I'll have more motivation to keep to the plan. We'll see how that goes...

And I can't forget to mention that on Sunday I ran in the NYRR Team Champ XC race. It was a really good time, lots of PPTC runners there, and we even placed! We got the second place women's team by just 1 second for the total time of our 5 runners. Pretty fun, made me glad I didn't let up that last stretch when I really wanted to or on the hills on the back loop. I ran OK, 21:31 for 10th in my age group and 2nd on my team. It was fun to run XC again, especially at Van Cortlandt Park!