Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 1 Done

This week went pretty well for me, given the holiday and the new training plan. Here's a recap:

Wed - off, long travel day
Thu - 8 min warm up
2.8 mile Turkey Trot in 19:24 (was a 5K but the course was off according to my Garmin and others got about the same)
2x800 w/ 3 min rest in 3:19, 3:22
3.5 mile cool down fast with cousins who really pushed me
Fri - 4.25 miles easy, 36 min
Sat - Long run, 13.14 miles in 1:44, felt great on a hilly, windy run
Sun - off, travel day home

I'm heading out of town again for work tomorrow morning. Since I'll be traveling with a group of coworkers, I know getting my running in is going to be hard. I'm hoping I'll be able to get in one of the workouts this week and then just trying to get enough sleep to get in a quality long run in on Saturday when I get home.