Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What will I do?

Today I ran for the first time after a week break because I was away on vacation and didn't feel like running. One thing I did think about though were some goals for the next year. What I'd like to do is train for a half marathon in the spring, qualify for the NYC Marathon with that time and then run it in the fall. However, NYRR isn't going to make that easy this year.

You see, NYRR announced that registration for the marathon will open early this year, starting on Marathon Monday (this week). What they didn't state in their press release was that its also closing early this year, so if you want to get in with a qualifying time, you have to submit your time by early March. And that doesn't leave very much time to get a 12 week training plan in.

In addition to the shorted timeline for training and getting the race in, there's another problem. NYRR hasn't released their race schedule for anything past December. How can they say you have to get in a half marathon before March but then not tell you when their races before March will be. Also, if I need to get started with a new training plan, I need to know when that plan will end, so I make sure I get my timing right. NYRR sure isn't making this easy. I'm glad they'll be encouraging new runners, but I'm not sure this is the best way to do that. Guess its time for me to look for half marathons outside of what NYRR has to offer this winter in order to find something to base my training on, unless they come up with a schedule soon.