Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I took Sunday off, without really wanting to, because of the snowstorm. I actually headed out to catch the bus up to Prospect Park to meet the group for the regular Sunday run, but after waiting for 15 minutes on the cold, snowy sidewalk, I gave up and walked home. Its probably best, as I needed an off day, but it was really hard to miss out on such a beautiful snowy run. Monday I did an easy run with B, we just went slow for about 4 miles, again with some snowy sidewalks to get through.

Last night I got together with some PPTC runners for a tough fartlek workout. It was cold and I knew it would be a long run, so I took the train partway to GAP and then ran the rest. We did the same workout as last week, 6 sets of 3 min on / 1 off / 2 on / 1 off. It was hard, especially because of the cold, but I managed to get through it. The second half seemed to go pretty quickly, those short 1 min rests seem to make it go by fast because there isn't much time to think about the next interval before it starts. I was so cold, and we finished near the train station, so I took the train back home. I figure I got in a total of 8 miles for the night.

It'll be an easy day for me today, and then travel to the freezing Mid-West tomorrow for the holidays. We'll see how the running goes out there, in addition to the cold temps they are calling for a snow/ice storm tomorrow and Thursday, so I might be stuck on a treadmill for most of my running. Got to pack lots of layers...