Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long run + tempo

Today I got in my long run. I met the PPTC group at GAP and was surprised to see so many people, guess I wasn't the only one trying to get in a run in before the snow starts falling. A group of us went over the Brooklyn Bridge and then some cut back to Brooklyn at the Manhattan Bridge. A few of us wanted to make it a little longer and went up to the Williamsburg bridge instead. I was able to talk G into a tempo run so at around 7 miles into it, we picked up the pace. He really pushed me (or dragged me...) up the bridge and then up the long gradual hill back towards Prospect Park. I managed the 5 miles in 35:40, not bad in the middle of a 15 mile run. I felt like I was shuffling back home from GAP as I kept looking up the street for the bus that never seems to run when I want to take it, but checked my watch when I got home to see I still managed 8:15 pace. Guess that's what adding a tempo run in the middle of the long run is supposed to do, make my normal long run pace feel slow. Glad I got that one in, even though my hamstring is aching now. I'm hoping that its just the cold, my legs were freezing by the time I got home, and now that its almost 3 hours after I finished, I'm finally feeling warm again.

Distance: 15.6 Time 2:05:30