Monday, January 04, 2010

Fatigue Fighter Intervals

So the Runner's World half marathon plan I'm following called for what they call Fatigue Fighter Intervals today. And I sure was fatigued by the end. The plan actually called for this type of workout for the last few weeks, gradually building up the distance of the long interval, but since I'm a slacker, this was the first time I tried it. Instead of doing 3200's at half marathon pace, I wimped out and only did 2400s, justifying it to myself by saying that the workouts progressed from 2000 to 2400 to 3200 this week and that I skipped the first 2 so I should get to start in the middle. That and it was really windy at the track in Red Hook today. So here's how it went:
400 - 94, 100 jog rest
1200 - 5:03, 200 walk/jog rest
2400 - 10:37
6 min walk/jog rest between sets
400 - 93, 100 jog rest
1200 - 4:56, 200 walk/jog rest
2400 - 10:24

Overall, it went well. The plan said I should be able to do 95 / 5:00 / 10:30 so I started out a little conservative and then pushed it through the second set. It was not an easy workout for me and I found myself saying, in the last mile, that I needed to just visualize the last mile of the half marathon and not let up. The cold windy conditions (checked before I left to see 25F feels like 15F) didn't help much.

Two things about the wind - I think Garmin should come up with a wind speed sensor / pace converter. It was blowing so much, I wish it could have made me feel better about the slow straightaways each lap by calculating some sort of converted pace taking the wind speed into account. Also, over the holidays I got a gift certificate to a sporting goods store and I picked up a new pair of Under Armour shorts that I tried out today for the first time. They caught my eye because they advertised that they'd keep you warm so I thought I'd give them a try. They actually worked! I wore them under a pair of thick running tights and no numb legs for me on this run!